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The most disappointing seasons in Mets history – the 1987 Mets

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Yes, it has come to this.  With the regular season continuing on with no end in sight, yet no reason to continue to care about the Mets’ place in the standings, I thought about how much excitement I had about the 2009 season back in March.  Heck, I even flew down to Florida and spent four days shadowing the team around South Florida.  Clearly, I would not have done this for a team that I didn’t have some degree of expectations.

As a Mets fan, having my expectations shattered is something I’m all too familiar.  Since I’m on a huge negativity kick, why not go back and look at seasons where, on paper, the Mets looked vaguely interesting, only for everything to come crashing down in the end.  I’m not ranking these in any particular order, since any system I devised would likely be completely arbitrary and settle no arguments.

I’m also not going back any further than the 80’s, since I couldn’t really say how disappointing seasons were in the 60’s and 70’s, since I wasn’t alive.  Another thing I’m going to avoid is including seasons in which the Mets made the playoffs.  Yes, 2006 was ultimately disappointing, but the playoffs are a crapshoot.  Instead, let’s look at other seasons where the Mets have crushed our hopes.