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Mets vs. Dodgers live blog – Game 2

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009


Mets vs. Dodgers live blog

Monday, May 18th, 2009

10:03 update
OK, here’s how this is going to go; every time there is a commercial break during the game, I’ll post the most recent update. I am hopeful for a Mets win, but who knows what Tim Redding has after coming back from injury (and frankly, he’s not that great), and Randy Wolf typically kills the Mets.  Plus, Angel Pagan is leading off tonight, fresh off his superb performance last night grounding into a double play with the bases loaded, so spirits are not exactly high.  We’ll see what happens.


LiveBlog next week

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

One of the benefits of working 11-8 EST is being able to watch Mets West Coast games until their completion without being tired at work the next day*.  Since not everybody has this same luxury, and many Mets fans will miss tonight’s game because of this, I will live blog tonight’s next Monday’s game, starting at 10:35 PM EST, so you can get an idea of how the game progressed the next morning.  Check back here with all the details.**

* One of the detriments being that I miss the first hour of all East Coast games, of which there are far more than Mets West Coast games.  Not that I’m complaining about getting to sleep in every day, mind you.

** Internet issues have pushed this back until next week – my apologies.

Live Blog: Mets @ Braves 4/7/07

Saturday, April 7th, 2007

-Paul LoDuca introduces us to the Mets lineup, which is he same as the past 4 games. He calls himself, “Eddie Munster.” And we also have “Jose ‘Tony (maybe he meant ‘tiny’)’ ‘Pink Panther Moustashe’ Valentin.” HAHAHAHA…What happened to just showing baseball?

-Joe Buck just said he and MacCarver have “cuddled up many times”, referring to the cold. Greaaaaaat.

Top of the 1st

-Reyes grounds out w/ a check swing to second.

-LoDuca fouls one off, and Joe Buck enjoys a Chewbacca sound effect over the PA. Yes, this is your #1 announce team!

-HOME RUN LoDuca!! Fastball got up and he rocketed it into the left field stands. Joe Buck tells us it’s now, 32-3, Mets.

-LARRY! LARRY! LARRY! Jones drops an easy pop up infront of the mound. Now we’re supposed to believe it was Smoltz’s fault, even though all the time people you NEVER let the pitcher catch it if a fielder can get to it. Beltran is on with one out.

-Delgado up. Two quick strikes up and in. Buck tells us the weather has kept fans away. It’s 44 degrees. GET OVER IT! If you’re a fan, come to game. Braves fans stink!

-3-2 count, Beltran runs, Delgado weakly pops it straight up and it’s an easy double play. C’mon Carlos. Baby Carlos needs a new pair of diamond earrings!! End of the inning.

Bottom of the 1st

-Tim Hudson introduces us to the Braves lineup…what a hick.

-Kelly Johnson grounds to second…CARLOS drops it! C’mon man!!! Buck just says, “That’s the first error for the Mets and that ought to count as 2.” SHUT UP! Die!

-3-0 count to Renteria. 4 pitch walk. I can see how this game is going; and I don’t like it. MacCraver is saying, “Touchy feely” WAY too much.

-Yes..we know Larry has great numbers against the Mets. .333 average and Larry pops out to Valentin. MacCarver says, “touchy feely” again.

-Andruw Jones is bundled up like it’s the arctic. It’s in the 40’s!!! Andruw’s slow start is the fault of the cold…yup. Glavine runs the count full…and he loads the bases with a walk. Super.

-Francoeur chops one to short…Reyes makes the play to first, runner scores. 1-1.

- I have a bad feeling about this one…McCann up. Glavine pitches him carefully and runs the count full again. McCann grounds to Valentin and this time Delgado catches it. End of 1, it’s 1-1.

Top of the 2nd

-As the game goes on, don’t worry, I won’t cover every at bat. Just trying to get into it. I hate this Chevy commercial. Makes me long for “This is ourrrrrrr country!” (thanks to Bill Simmons for that)

-OMG…a full count to David Wright? NEVER! Next thing, he’ll go to right field with this…well, that is if he had hit it. Smoltz’s first K.

-A-Rod hits a walk off grandslam for the Yankees. So now they’ll talk about A-Rod for another 10 minutes. Moises pops out to interrupt the A-Rod love fest.

-Lastings is a “shadow” handing over Shawn Green, who bounces out to Larry at thrid. Middle of 2, 1-1.

Bottom of the 2nd

-Buck pontificates about Glavine getting to pitch to Smoltz perhaps with no one on, and sneaking a smile to him. Awwww…so sweet.

-Another full count by Glavine…this time he gets Craig Wilson to strike out.

-Glavine tells us “This is different” and calls Smoltz his best friend in baseball…And he just gave his friend a lead. Matt Diaz homers to left. 2-1 Atlanta…The Mets finally trail…MacCarver calls him MIKE Diaz.

-Smoltz taps it back to Glavine…HOW CUTE! They’re hitting it to eachother! Smoltz doesn’t run and retreats to the clubhouse.

-Johnson grounds to deep 2nd, and Valentin boots it. They call it a hit. Not so sure about that.

-Johnson steals 2nd. Decent throw, ball hits Johnson in the arm. MacCarver tells us how bad the head first slide is, and how great Lou Brock was and he’d never do it. Yeah, and Rickey sucked didn’t he?

-Edgar flies out to Green in right. End of two, 2-1 Braves.

Top of the 3rd

-Pink Panther moustashe laces a single to right to lead the inning off

-Glavine lays a beauty of a bunt down to Larry…PPM advances to second.

-Ken Rosenthal tells us Bobby Cox was asking his coaches is Reyes is the best leadoff hitter ever…as this is happening, Reyes lines back to Smoltz, catches PPM in a rundown, but PPM keeps it going long enough for Reyes to make it to second.

-Smoltz walks LoDuca, as we have a Lenny Kravitz video of Jose…it’d be nice if they lasted more than 5 seconds so the national audience could get to know him better.

-Quickly ahead of Beltran, 1-2…grounds out to second. Middle of two, 2-1 Braves


-Tuesday on an all new Houuuuse…sick people on a plane!

Bottom of the 3rd

-Two quick outs…Delgado makes a nice pick on a low throw for the second out.

-Nice play by Glavine to the hit back to the box, end of 3. Braves 2-1.

Top of the 4th

-Delgado flies out to left. Now we get the Bobby Cox lovefest.

-Wright goes 3-2 again…and strikes out again. Maybe Joe had something questioning his bat speed after all.

-Now we compare Bobby Cox to General Douglas MacArthur…Alou singles through the hole between short and third.

-The “in game” box score shows us the Mets aren’t hitting…Green take offense to that and hits a weak double to right, Alou advances to third. First base is open.

-Valentine will be intentionally walked to bring up Glavine. Buck decides Smoltz won’t “tease” around with Glavine with the bases loaded. YOU’RE KIDDIN’? (who’s’s this?)

-MacCarver calls Matt Diaz, “MIKE Diaz” for a second time. Glavine fouls out to Larry, who apparently with a lead is actually hustling. Middle of 4, it’s the Braves on top, 2-1.


Bottom of the 4th

-Homeplate is now offically covered in shadows…not sure if it’s Lastings who is casting it or not.

-Shadows are really working…just not the right way. Glavine goes 3-0 on McCann, who according to MacCarver, has it tougher than Reyes cause he has to handle the pitchers. He doesn’t handle yet another full count by Glavine as he lines out to PPM.

-Apparently Francoeur and McCann are engaged…But not to each other.
- Glavine hits Wilson and we’re told what a MAN Craig is to let a pitch hit him on such a cold day.

-”Mike” Diaz is up. Glavine throwing more balls. 37 balls, 37 strikes. Not good. Pitch 75 is a fly out to Beltran.

-Here’s Smoltz with a man on and two outs…Guess Glavine can’t get “cute” here. Dag nabbit! MacCarver is having flashbacks…Smoltz is gone looking. End of 4, Braves still lead 2-1.

Top of the 5th

-Reyes leads off…it’d be nice for him to get on. MacCarver tells us Wright batting #2 is a bad idea. Now I think I wanna change my opinion. He even made some of my same points. I hate myself. Full count on Reyes…and walks!

-Willie tells us about Jose’s energy. Says it’s the tip of the iceberg. What about global warming?

-Smoltz keeping an eye on Reyes…1-0 count, Reyes runs on a strike…in to second easily. Reyes comes up a little hobbled. LoDuca punches one to second, Reyes advances to third.

-More talk about Pedro…Beltran knocks it through the hole into left to tie the game at 2. Smoltz is now up to almost 90 pitches.

-Buck mentions Gomez and Martinez as chips for the Mets. Rosenthal tells us Pedro may throw off a mound by May 1…and we’re told to add to our favorites…please don’t. 2-2 to Delgado as MacCarver guesses wrong on pitch location. 3-2 count, Delgado goes to left AGAIN (did he do that twice in one game all last year?), this time a single as Beltran was running and makes it to 3rd easily.

-Wright down 0-2 early…he doesn’t look good at the plate. Joe Buck ran into Wright at a Giants football game. Chad Paranto up in the Braves pen…Wright down on k’s again! I apologize Joe…you were right.

-Pitch 100 by Smoltz is grounded to short by Alou to end the inning. Middle of 5, 2 all.

Bottom of the 5th

-Glavine gets Johnson to ground out to PPM. 84 pitches by Tommy so far.

-Buck and MacCarver are “sitting on it.” Oh, the trivia question answer. My bad. Answer to the trivia question I say is HoJo.

-Edgar flies out to right. And I got the trivia question right! Go Me! HoJo needs his #20 back.

- Larry drills it deep to right…Moises makes a nice running grab. That’s 92 pitches for Glavine as we go to the 6th, 2-2.


Top of the 6th

-Smoltz remains in, even over 100 pitches…Green hits one to short, Renteria reads it wrong but makes a nice stop…it goes for an infield single.

-PPM steps to the plate. Paranto is still up…Gonzalez is getting steched out too. PPM pops out foul…Wilson barely catches it.

-Tommy Glavine will hit for himself…looks to bunt…another beauty. Green to second, two away, Reyes up.

-No one up in the Mets pen. 2-0. MacCarver says Reyes doesn’t chase up and away anymore…3-0…ball 4. LoDuca stride to the plate.

-Swings through a fastball for strike one…and a silder for strike two. Crowd to their feet…and they boo a clear ball. LoDuca doesn’t chase low for ball 2. He does chase low and away but fouls it off. MacCarver calls for it inside, so of course…it isn’t. Foul ball. Still 2-2. He chases a slider low and away and strikes out. Mets have 9 LOB, middle of 6, 2-2.

-Another annoying Chevy commercial.

-FOX has some really lame drama version of Cannonball run. I think I can miss that.

Bottom of the 6th

- Glavine starts out 2-0 on Andruw. Rick Peterson’s mullet gets on the horn to the pen…Glavine goes full…AGAIN. Joe Smith is up now as well as Feliciano. Andruw rips a double down the line…I’m gonna second guess leaving Glavine in here.

-Isn’t this Tom-a-hawk chop thing old by now? I smell a big inning here. Francoeur singles to right, Jones to third…more tom-a-hawk chopping. McCann could really hurt them here.

-PPM makes a sweet diving catch on a line drive. Can’t double anyone up. Still a nice play.

-Joe Buck gives us a Masters update…Glavine goes 3-0 on Wilson. Wilson swings on 3-0, just foul down the 3rd base line…Ball 4. Bases Loaded. Willie isn’t moving…now he is. But he leaves him in. It’s his mess to clean up.

-”Mike” Diaz up…ball one. Say goodbye to 162-0 is my thinking here. Diaz flies it to Green…and he drops it! UGH!!!! He got turned around the wrong way and probably lost it. Feliciano will now come in. Scored a sac fly and an error. 3-2 Braves.

-Chris “don’t call me Buck” Woodward steps in. Bases are juiced. Buck flies to right…Green makes a nice play this time, but it’s still a sac fly as an air raid siren goes off, because that was an exciting play.

-Feliciano goes full to Kelly Johnson…ball 4. Edgar Renteria will come up with the bases loaded and two outs.

-Willie comes out and wants the righty…the righty will be…

-Joe Smith. This could get dicey. Chopper off the plate goes a mile high…No chance for Reyes. 5-2 Braves.

-Larry Jones is the 9th man to bat this inning. Smith makes two good pitches to get Larry in an 0-2 hole. Bobby Cox is now wearing sunglasses…he’s drunk. Smith barely misses with an 0-2 change…and almost hits him on the next pitch. Larry flies out to Alou to end the ugly…ugly inning. I told ya so. Smith did okay…6 innings done, 5-2 Bravos.

-I can’t even describe the commercial I just saw for an Easter Mass. It basically told you to show up to save your marriage.

Top of the 7th

-Mike Gonzalez is in and gets Beltran to fly out to left.

-After being told how disconcerting Gonzalez’s delivery is to a left hander by MacCarver, Delgado drills a single up the middle.

-MacCarver tells us Smoltz is the Dennis Eckersley of 25 years ago…Wasn’t Dennis Eckersley the Dennis Eckersley of 25 years ago? Wright flies to center. Two outs.

-Gonzalez gets Alou to chase a 1-1 pitch up in the zone…just misses on 1-2. Alou checks on 2-2, Gonzalez hops off the mound…1st base ump Bob Davidson says no swing. We follow a napkin as it blows down the third base line (This is the coverage I choose Fox for)…Alou walks

-Green is the tying run…why is he hitting here?!?! Oh wait, that’s why. RBI single for Green, 5-3 Braves.

-Ken Rosenthal interviews Smoltz live…I hate these interviews mid-game.

-PPM is up with 2 on and 2 out. Gonzalez is hopping around when he doesn’t get calls. I knew there was a reason I didn’t like him. PPM pops out to short right, Kelly Johnson makes a nice play on it. Middle of 7, 5-3 Braves
-Thank God I don’t have a need for Flomax while doing this live blog.

-I will never by a Chevy.

Bottom of the 7th

-Joe Smith still in there, faces Andruw Jones too lead off. 3-1 count to Andruw. Joe Buck wasn’t paying attention to the count.

-Smith starts Francoeur off with a ball…but then induces a 6-4-3 double play.

-The next 4 weeks the national game has either the Red Sox or Yankees in it. I’M SHOCKED! MacCarver is complaining about how old his telestrator is…Not as old as he is though.

-McCann chops one the Delgado, Smith covers to end the inning. 5-3 Braves after 7.

Top of the 8th

-David Newhan pinch hits for Smith and is facing Soriano. He grounds to first for the first out of the 8th.

-Soriano strikes Reyes out. Mets are showing very little energy here.

-LoDuca trying to make something happen fighting off a few nasty pitches. Soriano looks good…real good (except for that stupid hair on his chin). Ground out to third ends the inning as hope for a 162-0 season fades even deeper (please realise the sarcasm there). 5-3 Braves

Bottom of the 8th

-Schoeneweis is in here to face Craig Wilson…Wright makes a nice play into foul territory on a grounder and bounces the ball the first and he would have had him…had Delgado picked it.

-Delgado drops a throw over to first…he’s Adrian Beltre’ing this game. Very bad.

-Langerhans breaks his bat on a grounder to Wright who gets a force a second base.

-Scott Thorman pinch hits…Schoeneweis picks off Langerhans who is off to second, throw by Delgado to Reyes for the second out.

-Thorman breaks his bat and grounds out to PPM. No runs, a hit, a pick off and two broken bats. We got to the 9th, Mets need 2 to tie, trailing 5-3.

Top of the 9th

-Burly Bob Wickman is in for the save. He’ll face Carlos Beltran to start things off.  MacCarver tells us Wickman’s favorite “sport” is Ice Fishing.  Yes…he said, “sport.”  Wickman goes 3-2 to Carlos B…swing and a miss, strike 3.  Beltran strikes out on a curveball…::shudders::  At least he swung.

-Carlos D is up.  It’d be nice if he atoned for his lazy defensive play today.  Carlos D works a full count…deja vu?  He fouls off a curveball and works a walk.

-Our Chevy player of the game is John Smoltz…Now I hate Chevy more.

-Wright, having a terrible day, steps in as the tying run…Wickman throws one in the dirt and gets my McCann, Delgado goes to second.  A quick 3-0 count…A very iffy called strike.  3-1, Wright bounces a single through the hole on the left side, moves Delgado to third.

-Alou with a chance…flies out on the first pitch to center, no one advances.

-Shawn Green is the Mets last hope here….and we all know that is never good.  First pitch is a ball outside.  Second pitch is a curve for strike one, Wright steals second uncontested.  Green hits a LINE DRIVE…CAUGHT.  MacCarver makes his only good point of the day, saying how ironic it was had Wright been on first, that would have been a single.  3 outs…inning over…game over.  Braves win 5-3.

So to recap, 3 hours and 19 minutes, half a pack of cigarettes, way too many words to count and a disappointing loss for the Mets.  Please don’t say those 5 words I know every Mets fan will say today (one of the words is a contraction).  This was a poorly played game and I am not pleased.  Mets and Braves are now both 4-1 and will play the rubber game of the series tomorrow afternoon with Kyle Davies facing El Duque. NLCS Postgame

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

Hey, we could have used some of these runs yesterday.  Still, it is nice to see that the Mets picked up a win here, as going down 3 to 1 with everything falling on Glavine on short rest was a dicey situation.  The Mets still aren’t out of the woods yet, as they really could use a win tomorrow to head back to New York up 3 to 2 facing Carpenter, but at least they completed the first step towards that.  This was a must-win game, and the Mets offense came out and took care of business.

Oliver Perez didn’t have his best stuff, and if he had thrown this game yesterday instead of today, every Mets fan would hate his guts.  Instead, because the offense supported him, he’ll walk out of his first postseason game with a win.  I was worried that the Cardinals were a bad matchup, since they don’t strike out much; indeed, Perez only had three strikeouts, and allowed five runs on nine hits and a walk in 5.2 innings.  Not a good performance at all, but the Mets walked away with a win.  All Oliver needed to do was avoid getting shelled, Trachsel style, and he did that.

Meanwhile, I suspect Tony La Russa will be second guessing himself on taking out Reyes, and rightfully so.  Reyes didn’t pitch great, but he was walking the tight rope and not allowing runners to score.  He did have a high pitch count, but he probably should have at least started the fifth.  Instead, they bring in Brad Thompson, who started the Mets offensive outpouring, and from there they never looked back.  Going into this game, the Cardinals had allowed a single earned run in 20.2 postseason innings.  Tonight, they allowed ten in only five innings.  I think that might skew the averages a little.

It was nice to see a game where the Mets’ bats came alive.  The Carloses, Beltran and Delgado, continued their hot streaks, Beltran against the St. Louis Cardinals and Delgado in the postseason.  They went a combined 5 for 7 with three homers, a double, six runs scored and seven RBIs tonight.  David Wright added a homer, his first (and still only) hit of the LCS, and Shawn Green and Jose Valentin both contributed two hit nights.  All Mets position players tonight had at least one hit, and even Perez managed to reach base on a walk tonight.  This was exactly the type of game they needed, and hopefully they can carry over some momentum to tomorrow night’s game.

Game 5 will be tomorrow night in St. Louis.  It will be a battle of two pitchers operating on three day’s rest, as Jeff Weaver takes the mound against Tom Glavine.  Glavine will enter this game with a thirteen inning playoff shutout streak, and over his last nineteen innings dating back to the regular season, has allowed but a single run.  Jeff Weaver has pitched decently in the postseason so far, but suffered a sixth inning meltdown on Thursday night that cost the Cards a chance to win.  We’ll see what he brings on three days’ rest tomorrow, with the game starting at 8:15ish EST.

Mets 12 Cardinals 5 final

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

Guillermo Mota pitches the ninth, continuing Willie Randolph’s Little League-esque policy of everybody gets to pitch, and his own policy of not caring about resting his pitchers ever.  This is Mota’s third appearance in four games, by the way.  Aaron Miles leads off with a single, batting for Yadier Molina.  Gary Bennett is now pinch hitting for Braden Looper.  I guess La Russa’s Little League-esque policy is that everybody on the bench gets to hit tonight.  Bennett strikes out and Mota has his first out.  La Russa sends his third straight pinch hitter to the plate, as John Rodriguez bats.  Seriously, what happens if the Cardinals somehow miraculously come back to send this game to extra innings?  How could they field a lineup?  As I type that, Mota gets Rodriguez to ground into a double play, and that’s that.  Recap forthcoming.

Mets 12 Cardinals 5 mid 9

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

Looper will pitch a third inning, and this is probably a good move for the Cardinals.  No need to waste relievers, and I’m guessing if the game is tight tomorrow, they won’t want to use Looper in a close one anyway.  Willie is pinch hitting for Feliciano and warming up Mota, as he apparently doesn’t see the need to rest his own relievers heading into tomorrow.  Michael Tucker is the pinch hitter, and he works a single to get the leadoff hitter on base.  Mets fans chanting “Jose Jose Jose Jose” can be heard in the crowd, as it appears most of the Cardinals fans have called it a night.  The Fox team shows a flashback from twenty years ago, when the Mets clinched the NLCS.  Unfortunately, the two highlights they choose to show are Billy Hatcher’s home run and Jesse Orosco getting the final out.  Why show the Hatcher homer?  I mean, 100% of the people watching this game are Mets fans, why not show the Mets highlights?  I doubt there is a single Astros fan watching this, or a single Astros fan who would care.  Anyway, Jose Reyes hits a double play grounder, but is simply too fast for it to actually be a double play.  One out and Reyes on first.  Lo Duca flies out to right, and Reyes forgot there was only one out, and is thrown out at first to complete the double play.  Cardinals have some catching up to do in the ninth.  By the way, I can’t believe it’s only 11:30, at one point this game looked to be going well past midnight.

Mets 12 Cardinals 5 end 8

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

Pedro Feliciano is now in for the Mets, and on the first pitch, gets Juan Encarnacion to ground out.  One pitch one out.  Nicely done.  As an aside, Encarnacion’s triple seems like it was two games ago, but it was in the third inning of this game!  That’s crazy.  Anyway, Scott Rolen grounds out, and he really has not looked good in this series.  I suspect at some point, he’s going to start losing at-bats.  So Taguchi pinch hits for Jim Edmonds, and singles.  I try not to hate on the Japanese, even though the Mets’ track record with them hasn’t been great, but I’m dangerously close to hating Taguchi.  Like I said a few days ago, he’s basically Shinjo without the charisma, but he’s beating up on the Mets.  Feliciano gets Belliard to strike out for the third out, and we’re one inning away from the Mets evening this series up.

Mets 12 Cardinals 5 mid 8

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

I guess the Cardinals really don’t care, as Looper will pitch a second inning.  I guess there’s no point in using too many relievers when the Cards would need a miracle to win.  It works for the first batter, as Shawn Green flies out deep to center for the first out.  Jose Valentin pops up the first pitch he sees for the second out.  Endy Chavez sees if he can continue the inning here.  He won’t do so, grounding back to Looper to end the top of the eighth.

Mets 12 Cardinals 5 end 7

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

Chad Bradford will stick around, hopefully to induce a ground ball out of Albert Pujols, who bats third this inning.  But before he gets to Pujols, he has to get through Scrappy Doo, who leads off.  Bradford accidentally hit Eckstein in the knee and puts a runner on with no outs.  Not a good sign with who is to come.  Spiezio now batting for the Cards.  But runners on base mean nothing to Chad Bradford, as he forces Spiezio to hit into a 4-6-3 double play that clears the bases for Pujols, with two outs.  The Raiders lost to the Broncos.  Wait, that was the Sunday night game tonight?  Man…maybe nobody DID switch to this game.  “The Raiders have not won a game,” says Tim McCarver.  Nice to see his football analysis is on par with his baseball analysis.  Chad Bradford forces a groundout to David Wright, and Pujols is out to end the inning.  Cardinals still have a lot of ground to make up, and not a lot of time.