Make Francisco Rodriguez Earn His Money Please

The Mets finally won a game. Mike Pelfrey was awesome. David Wright is a superstar. Jeff Francoeur might’ve found himself a clue at the plate. These are all good things.  Here’s something that’s not:

  • 2012 option becomes guaranteed with:
    • 55 games finished in 2011, and
    • 100 games finished in 2010-11, and
    • doctors declare Rodriguez healthy after 2011

Those are the terms of Francisco Rodriguez’s outrageous 2012 vesting option. For the second time in this very young season, K-Rod picked up a “Game Finished” in a blowout win.  It’s one thing for his option to vest because he’s locking down close games; it’s quite another to give him “freebies” when he needs work.

Oh and if Frankie needs work so badly, maybe the manager should use him when it matters. Like — I don’t know — a tie game versus one of the best teams in the National League.

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