The next Mets’ manager

Jerry Manuel got the dreaded “vote of confidence” from Omar Minaya yesterday, surely a sign that any day now, he will be relieved of his duties as Mets manager.  We will remember Jerry because of his love of the sacrifice bunt, his inability to properly handle a bullpen, his attack on sabermetric principles, and his ability to laugh his way through press conferences without being called out by Alex Cora.  Personally, I will remember Jerry because I can’t remember a manager I’ve ever disliked more, including Willie Randolph.

With Jerry Manuel almost out the door, it’s time to start looking for the next man to lead the Mets.  Bob Melvin seems to be getting the most pub out of the mainstream writers like Jon Heyman and Ken Rosenthal, but Melvin is a guy who has already failed in two other stops; what makes the Mets think he’s going to be any better the third time around?  Isn’t it time the Mets stopped hiring retreads?  Isn’t it time the Mets looked to their past?  Isn’t it time the Mets hired an ‘86 Met to manage the team?  In fact, right now managing in their minor league system, the Mets have a former 1986 Met, their second baseman from that team, so they wouldn’t even have to look very far to hire their next manager.

That’s right, the Mets should name Tim Teufel their interim manager through the end of the season.

Granted, the Binghamton Mets aren’t exactly setting the world on fire this season.  They are 51-48, good for third place in the Eastern League North.  Still, Teufel has done a good job helping along the minor league careers of Nick Evans, Reese Havens, and Kirk Nieuwenhuis and he has a good reputation in the game for helping to develop young players.  That could be a key skill as the Mets’ minor league system continues to graduate players, with Ike Davis already on the team and young stars like Ruben Tejada and Fernando Martinez in the pipeline.

Here are some other qualifications that I think make Teufel a quality candidate:

Perhaps you are thinking “Since when is ‘not acting like a total sociopath’ an acceptable qualification for becoming a major league manager?  Millions of people every day manage to avoid acting like total sociopaths and are not qualified to be major league managers.  Heck, even Jerry Manuel manages to avoid acting like a sociopath, and he’s blatantly and unequivocally unqualified to manage in the major leagues.”

I don’t have a good answer for these hypothetical questions.  I merely support Tim Teufel’s candidacy as the next Mets manager because he’s not Jerry Manuel, and he’s not crazy.  I guess I could support Ken Oberkfell based on those grounds as well, but he never played for the Mets, and dammit, we need some history on this team.  Where else could the Mets find a former second baseman from their last championship team who manages in the system and isn’t crazy?  The answer is clear: Teufel.

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