The K-Rod fiasco

Once again the NY Mets have made the news. This time it wasn’t for a terrible, painful, excruciating, heart-wrenching loss. No it wasn’t for a Mets pitcher being accused of raping a woman on a golf course. No, it wasn’t a vote of support for the manager or the GM. This time it was for their closer punching out his girlfriend’s father after a loss. Most of us already hate K-rod. He has blown way too many games already this year and last year. Every time he comes in, he finds a way to scare the piss out of you. Now he’s a criminal so we can hate him more.


The Mets fined K-rod $125,000 for his actions in the family room at Citi Field after Wednesday’s bullpen blow-up loss after yet another fine performance by Jon Niese. Whatever may have happened behind closed doors, K-rod’s behavior is inexcusable. You can’t behave like that in front of your team mates and their families. I really  hope Bud Selig suspends him for his reckless behavior and the Citi Field faithful boo him more than they already do in future games.

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  1. xmet says:

    And any team mates who see this as a possible good thing should be booed even more.

  2. xmet says:

    Justice is:
    Out for the rest of the season, with a non baseball injury that will (hopefully) reduce contractual pay.

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