Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel “relieved of duties”

Mets fans, meanwhile, are merely relieved.

Seriously, not to piss on their graves or anything, but Minaya and Manuel very clearly needed to go.  I’ll talk more about Omar as the weeks progress as I continue to look at the Minaya Years, but it was clearly beyond his capabilities to build a successful baseball team on a consistent basis.  He simply was not the right man for this job, and was a perfect example of the Peter Principle at work.

Jerry Manuel…I think this blog has made its feelings clear on Jerry Manuel, but yesterday’s game really demonstrated why he’s not a very good manager.  Taking David Wright and Jose Reyes out of the game in the top of the 9th inning of a tie game, so they can get a standing ovation as they walked off the field, really showed a lack of priorities.  The game went an additional five innings before it ended, and perhaps if the Mets had their best hitters still in the game, it would not have lasted as long.

Really, I can think of no better way for the 2010 season, for the Jerry Manuel era, and for the Omar Minaya regime, to all come to simultaneous conclusion than by Oliver Perez giving up a HBP and three consecutive walks to give the Nationals the victory.  I think that pretty much sums it up.

The Minaya Years series will continue tomorrow, and as news breaks regarding potential successors, we will discuss it here at Blue and Orange.

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