SNY makes a splash

Yeah, most of the coverage of SNY’s Opening Day debut was negative. Any time a network loses almost an entire inning out of a game, that will happen. But not everything written about the new network was negative. And not all of the negativity was thrown at the lack of third inning. People were even talking about the objectivity of Mets announcers Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez.

My thoughts were that SNY probably wasn’t ready for its first big day on the air, but you know what? The important thing is how the network learns from its mistakes and how it presents the team in August, not in April. Mets fans aren’t going to stop watching Mets games because of a few snafus on Opening Day. Making a few mistakes on Opening Day, and learning from them and delivering a better product as a result will only make the network better. So you had to listen to the third inning on radio? Was that so bad? Personally, I liked Tom McCarthy’s Mets debut, and I think he and Howie Rose will make a great broadcast team.

In other news, DirecTV and SNY have come together on a deal to broadcast the network as part of its Total Choice Plus and Sports Plus packs. So Mets fans with DirecTV need not worry about missing another game. Really, all they missed was eight innings of a game anyway, it’s not like they missed an entire game.

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