Blog roundup

In lieu of Quick Hits today, since it’s a bit on the slow side, here’s what some other blogs are saying. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these anyway, and there are other great blogs out there to read besides mine.

Matt Cerrone at MetsBlog destroyed Yankee fans in light of the stupid Metallica controversy. Good work, they deserved every venomous word you said, Matt. Meanwhile, our friend Dave Murray at Mets Guy in Michigan, also skewered Mike Francesa and comes up with some Yankee songs that nobody else can ever, ever use again, because the Yankees used them. Again, good work.

Over at 20 Years in the Making, they take a good, detailed look at the current season, and talk about Opening Day, the debut on SNY, and other good stuff. Make sure to check that out.

And over at Faith and Fear in Flushing, Greg Prince takes a look at some of the Mets issues of the day. I met Greg as part of the Mets blogger shoot that took place for Mets Weekly a few weeks ago (your old friend Cox was not used as part of the shoot, but I was invited to attend and was unfortunately cut. I guess thems are the breaks). All of the guys there were nice, but Greg was nice enough to help me find my way back to Penn Station without getting lost, so for that, I thank him. Go read his blog.

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