Hey, a contest

Do you, faithful reader of MiracleMets.net, want the chance to have the “ultimate job”? I know that if I were to pick an ultimate job, it’d be something like…oh, I don’t know, an official MLB.com blog that came with a trip for two to the All Star game, with on-field press credentials, an interview with an all-star player, and $2,000. Luckily, Monster.com is offering you, that’s right, YOU (and whomever else enters the contest) a chance to win just that! Aren’t they great? Yeah, it’s their Ultimate Job at the All Star Game contest. You can win all of that, which sounds pretty cool to me. Heck, I’d settle just for the on-field press credentials and the $2,000. If you click on the banner on the right-hand side, you can enter for a chance to win all of that, so give it a shot. All I ask is that if a reader from this site wins the blog, you tell them who referred you there and plug your friend Cox at MiracleMets.net. Can you do that for a brother?

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