No recaps this weekend – sorry

It was out of my hands. My Tivo froze last night, keeping me from being able to watch Mets/Blue Jays (not that I would have wanted to watch that abomination) and my internet went out today, which kept me from being able to watch today’s game over the internet (it wasn’t available on Extra Innings) so I saw neither game. A split of the final two games is not a bad way to end the series, as I’ll take 2 out of 3 on the road against a tough Blue Jays team. To make up for it, I’ll have something for you tomorrow.

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  1. Gooden2Carter says:

    Hey cox, thought you may be interested in this one. My buddy went to toronto over the weekend to watch the metties (i shouldve went). Anyways, he ran into the mets at the airport on the way home and this is what he had to say:

    Fellow Met Fans:

    This weekend while waiting in the airport on a 3 hour delay, I Matthew “Soups” Sussex met the following Mets:

    Darren Oliver (gave me pat on back)
    El Duque (rude, refused to talk to anyone)
    Carlos Beltran (took picture with him, really nice center fielder guy)
    Jose Reyes (tried to speak to him, could not understand one word he said)
    David Wright (really nice guy, stood outside terminal for about 30 mins signing autographs)
    Pedro Martinez (really nice, shook hands, he went up to kids and voluntarily took pictures with them)
    Xavier Nady (I made him giggle when a random Asian male was walking in between them and I asked him if that was Kaz Matsui)

    That Spanish trainer who Keith Hernandez always talks about.

  2. Cox says:

    Hey, that’s cool. I’ve actually had a similar Spring Training experience with El Duque last season, when he was with the White Sox. My friend is an avid autograph collector, and he gave El Duque an index card to sign, and El Duque walked right past him and went to the next person, for seemingly no reason. He was the only White Sox player not to sign for him other than AJ Pierzynski, who simply stated “I ain’t signing that.” Cheater.

    But yeah, I’d say his recollections sound about right. I’ve heard Reyes speak before, and he can be downright incoherent at times. Wright and Beltran seem like nice guys who make time for fans. Pedro is about the best guy ever from all accounts (this is a guy who bought Guy Conti a car in spring training). But yeah, your friend had a cool experience and kudos to him. This Mets team does seem, by and large, to be a fun, fan-friendly team, and it’s nice that some of them are making efforts to be nice to fans outside the ballpark.

  3. Gooden2Carter says:

    yeah i was worried about chemistry going into the season, because my all time fav mets team is still the 86 squad and it seemed like willie wasnt having anything even remotely as crazy as that. Almost bringing the whole yankees corporate vibe to the team. But as the season has progressed im realizing that these mets have their own sort of chemistry and they actually look like they like each other which will bode well in the playoffs.

  4. Cox says:

    I was never worried about chemistry with this team. This always seemed like a good group that genuinely liked playing with each other. Floyd and Wright had their bond, Wright was close with Reyes, who was close with Beltran & Delgado, they accepted Nady right away, etc. etc. In fact, I’d say that this was probably a Mets team that got along 1 through 25 the most that I can remember since those mid-80’s teams.

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