Mets acquire Lo Duca

Well, this one caught me off-guard. As I was putting the finishing touches on my article slamming Jim Duquette,(cheap plug) the Mets go out and acquire Paul Lo Duca in return for minor league pitcher Gaby Hernandez. Last week, when I posted my Reyes article, the Mets signed Billy Wagner hours later, after I said that it probably wouldn’t be consumated for a week or more. This time, after I type that the Mets likely won’t acquire Lo Duca, they do so hours later. Clearly, I do not know what I’m talking about. My thoughts? Well, between Benjie Molina, Ramon Hernandez, and Lo Duca, Lo Duca had the worst season last year. Lo Duca is also the worst defensive catcher of the three. The advantage to Lo Duca is that he will come in around $2 million or so less than Molina or Hernandez, possibly more. Perhaps the agents of Molina and Hernandez were asking for too much money (more than the $8 million a year or so the Mets were willing to pay) so the Mets decided to go out and get somebody cheaper. It has even been speculated that Lo Duca could be a prelude to another deal. Who knows? For now, he’s their starting catcher and either #7 or #8 hitter, depending on who plays second. And here’s more on Lo Duca.

Why on who plays second base? Because Peter Gammons reported on SportsCenter tonight that the Mets are close to landing Mark Grudzielanek. I can’t emphasis how bad of an acquisition this is. They’re going to wind up spending at least $14 million on two players at 2B who aren’t very good, when they only had to spend $8 million on one player at 2B who isn’t very good. They even had competition from within between Anderson Hernandez and Jeff Keppinger. I can’t get behind this. Grudz will suck as a Met. More tomorrow.

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  1. Travis says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more about Grudz. It’s retarted if they spend that much money for second base on a guy that is about a .280 career hitter with barely above average range. Kaz Matsui can give you about .280 and 4 hits in a night where the Mets are losing 12-0.

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