Lo Duca fallout – What’s next?

Well, the catcher position has been filled. Paul Lo Duca is a New York Met. We should all feel lucky if his numbers follow the same path as another catcher from Los Angeles to Florida to New York. But it’s early to be comparing Lo Duca to Mike Piazza, especially when Lo Duca’s numbers haven’t warranted that sort of comparison. I just hope Lo Duca can give the Mets nice production out of the 7 or 8 hole. Unfortunately, Omar is looking at Lo Duca as a 2 hitter, which is just silly. Lo Duca can’t get on base, and for those who feel speed should be near the top of the lineup, he’s not fast, either. On the plus side, hey, he grew up a Mets fan. That has to be a plus, right? Plus, if he stinks, the Mets are only on the hook for two years, whereas if Hernandez and Molina stink, they would be on the hook for at least three years, and probably closer to four, knowing how Omar negotiates. The Post talks about the trade, and also mentions that the Mets are still interested in Sammy Sosa. Omar, did you see the season Sammy had last year? There is no doubt in my mind that Sammy Sosa would be a horrible free agent signing for the Mets. All he would do is take at-bats away from Victor Diaz, who I am projecting would win a right field battle with Xavier Nady in Spring Training. Omar, Sammy isn’t the player he was in 1998. Let it be.

With the catcher thing out of the way, the goal is now to touch up the roster. I don’t see a Manny deal working itself out this week, though that will be a big topic of discussion for sure. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them land another pitcher, though. That seems to be the big talk of late, shipping Benson out and picking up either Barry Zito or Javier Vazquez. AJ Burnett is likely off the market, so I’m ruling him out. Vazquez is the more likely choice. With Arizona’s hands basically tied in terms of having to deal him, I don’t think it will cost the Mets much to get him. I can’t see the Mets having the horses to get Zito, especially after dealing Gaby Hernandez to get Lo Duca. And, for you Anna Benson lovers out there, she is in negotiations with Playboy for a nude pictorial. So there you go, something for you to look forward to, whether Kris Benson remains a Met or not.

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  1. Travis says:

    I’ve heard that the Mets are very interested in Javier Vazquez which baffles me. He’s not all that good. Somehow once again the Mets think he has more upside which last time they thought of a pitcher, they traded Kazmir for Zambrano and look where that got them…Al Leiter #2. I would be interested in Zito. He’s young (27), he’s a lefty, he is a past CY Young winner, and he has tremendous upside to him. I am also baffled by the Benson trade talks and how stupid Kris was for not factoring in a No Trade clause into his 4 year contract. LoDuca as a 2 hitter is ridiculous. How come the Mets organization don’t listen to their majority of their fans who know the team in and out? LoDuca is slow and is not much of a “tablesetter” which is the goal for the 2 spot. LoDuca would fit in nice flip-flopping with Matsui for the 8th hole. He can give you some respectable offense and some horrid defense which Mets fans have been used for the last 7 seasons.

  2. Cox says:

    Vazquez as the #3 man in the rotation would be an upgrade over Kris Benson. Vazquez gets a bad rap because he played so poorly with the Yankees. Well, as I argued on the phone with Joe last night, when an American League hitter goes to the National League, there is naturally a drop-off in production that is expected. Well, shouldn’t the same apply for pitchers going from the NL to the AL? It might be an even harder transition, because pitchers face a DH instead of a pitcher. It’s not an easy transition, especially when the papers are right there, ready to blow up your every move. For Vazquez, he already has a year of New York under his belt, and the move from Chase Field to Shea Stadium, a much bigger ballpark, will help his numbers considerably. I would like the Vazquez pick-up for them a lot.

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