Mets 6, Cardinals 2

Hey, Around the Horn idiots. Still think the Mets won’t get past the first round without Pedro or Glavine? This week, three game series against unarguably the second-best team in the National League…they got starts from John Maine, Steve Trachsel, and Dave Williams…and swept the Cards. No Pedro, no Glavine, not even El Duque, their “proven playoff pitcher.” Arguably the three worst guys the Mets could send to the mound, and they walked away victorious. That’s kind of what happens when your offense is better than everybody else’s offense; the goal is to outscore opponents, and this Mets team can outscore anybody in the National League.

Jose Reyes had another hot night, going 3 for 5 with a run scored and an RBI. Paul Lo Duca hit a triple (!) en route to a two hit, one run and one RBI night. When was the last time a Mets catcher hit a triple? Vance Wilson, in 2004. That’s pretty cool. Carlos Delgado continues to find his power stroke a little more as he gets used to Shea Stadium, belting out home run number thirty-two in the fifth. David Wright is still slumping a little, but he had a nice sac fly to go along with his single. He’ll snap out of it sooner rather than later, and we’ll all wonder what we were thinking when we thought Wright was slumping.

But I have to say, we are getting more than we could have possibly expected as Mets fans out of Dave Williams. Which is to say, we expected nothing and have been rewarded with two wins in two starts. Tonight, he went six and a third innings, allowed only two runs on seven hits and a walk, striking out four, and allowing a home run to Gary Bennett, of all people. Seriously, I think pitchers homer more often than Bennett. Not a shabby performance at all, and while I wrote the guy off when he was brought up to start, he has not disappointed so far. At the very least, he’s out performed the other minor league guys brought up for spot starts (then again, I’m comparing him with guys like Jose Lima and Jeremi Gonzalez). Roberto Hernandez and Guillermo Mota finished up the game for the Mets, making it three pitchers whom Mets fans could not have possibly envisioned on the 2006 Mets back in April, who pitched this game tonight. Good job.

Tomorrow night, the Mets welcome back Brian Bannister. Hey, remember him? He’s filling in for El Duque, who’s suffering from a minor injury that’s not expected to cause him to miss too much time. Bannister had a problem with allowing baserunners back when we saw him in April, when he broke camp as the Mets’ #5 starter, but didn’t allow runs. He was arguably the Mets’ third best pitcher in April before suffering a hamstring injury that wasn’t expected to be serious, but it kept him out of the Mets’ rotation for four months. Now he’s back, and is faced with the Phillies. The Phillies kind of embarassed the Mets a week and a half ago at Citizen’s Bank Park, but the Mets have rolled off seven in a row since then, and look to add to that total as they close out their season slate with the Phillies. Game time tomorrow is 7:10 PM.

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  1. Nomar Rozar says:

    If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s not to get too excited until things are in the books.

    That being said, forget that the Mets have a 14.5 game lead in the division, has anyone noticed (brought to my attention after this sweep) that they have a 12 game lead over the entire league?

    That’s something special, or it would be, if the National League wasn’t so terrible.

    Anyways, magic number for the division (combo of Mets/Phillies) is 21.

    Magic number for home field (combo of Mets/Cards) is 29.

    Whoa boy.

  2. Eagle says:

    The Cardinals are down right now. Way down. This weekend is a better test – more like what I think they’ll face in the first round of the playoffs. Come October, the likelihood is that the Mets will play a so-so team that’s hot. The wild card will probably be won by the team that puts together the best end of season run. Therefore, this weekend we’ll see how the Mets handle playing a mediocre hot team.

  3. Eagle says:

    By the way, Lo Duca’s triple should have been caught. A ‘triple’ was a very generous ruling.

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