Chan Ho Park? Really?

First, sorry for the lack of updates these past few weeks.  Things have been hectic at work, and not-so-hectic for the Mets.  With Spring Training starting soon, I expect business to pick up, so to speak, so expect more updates.

The Mets made a pre-Spring signing today, signing Chan Ho Park to a one year contract.  Really, Chan Ho Park.  He’s now a Met.  I guess having a 4.81 ERA in the biggest ballpark in baseball made Mets officials say, “Hey, let’s go get this man.”  I mean, granted, it’s only $3 million, which in this market is not bad, and it probably isn’t a bad gamble for the #5 spot in the rotation.  But Chan Ho Park has pretty much been the epitome of terrible the past few years.  I mean, pre-Zito, Park may have had the worst contract ever given to a pitcher in baseball history (Kevin Brown and Mike Hampton would dispute that claim, but at least those guys won Cy Youngs before signing their contracts). 

Injuries and pitching in Texas turned Park into a bad pitcher, so hopefully playing at Shea healthy will help, and plus at this point, all he is slated to do is win the #5 spot in the rotation (if he can beat out Pelf, Humber, and a cast of thousands), so expectations are low.  But you know today on WFAN, Mike and the Mad Dog are going to be all over this, claiming the Mets aimed for Zito and settled for Park, and while Zito really wasn’t worth that contract, the stigma is there that the Mets needed pitching and couldn’t get it done.  So add Park to the list of pitchers that Rick Peterson will have to work his voodoo on this spring.

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  1. MVille says:

    Allegedly, It’s only 600K guaranteed and the rest in incentives which will only hit if he’s good which makes it a lot better, because seriously Chan Ho Park. There’s a good thing and a bad thing about bringing in all of these guys, good thing is you think/hope someone will establish them as the 5th starter and this year’s Oliver. But there’s the concern that one guy can look really great in a couple ST starts and then not be so great. But hopefully, the Mets find a good guy from whoever

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