Ty Wigginton, How We Love Thee

Ty WiggintonWhen Ty Wigginton left the Mets in July of 2004, a lot of Mets fans (including a certain blogger) were very disappointed. Not that we weren’t excited about the idea of highly-regarded David Wright being promoted to become the everyday third-basemen; there was just something so likeable about 200-pound rube from Southern California. He played hard, he seemed to care about the game, and he had the face of a baby. He has since moved on to the prestigious Devil Rays, where he has split time between third and second base. But that’s not why this post is interesting.

It seems that late in December Mr. Ty Wigginton delivered his own son in the closet of his bedroom! Apparently his wife started to go into labor two weeks early and they decided to get ready to go to the hospital. But while she was getting a bag ready she realized that the baby was coming and she couldn’t wait, so Ty called 9-1-1 and within minutes, their son was born. The funniest part of the story is that once the baby was out, Ty handed his wife the phone while he tied the umbilical cord with a shoelace!

Undoubtedly, Ty did a good thing to help his wife and deliver their child, but someone needs to talk to him and his wife because they now have two sons named Chase and Cannon!

Congrats Ty!

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