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Hey…looks like somebody took about two months off and forgot to tell anybody.  Sorry about that – demands at my job have left little time to do what I wanted to do here, so I haven’t done anything.  I have probably lost some readers, and that’s fine…my job is to win you guys back.  With spring training coming to a close, I will have a look at what I see in the Mets’ future up this week, before Sunday’s home opener with the Cardinals.  It won’t be a good day for Mets fans, but they can change that by blowing the Cards out and showing the rest of the NL, “Hey, we mean business.”

Before talking about how spring has shaken out, I thought I’d pass along something I read today about the Mets that caught my eye.  From the Village Voice, an article talking about the new Mets stadium, along with another new stadium opening around the same time nearby for some other team.  One thing that caught my eye…while there will be improved sightlines down the lines (and really, I don’t see how a new park coudln’t have better sightlines), behind home plate is another story.  This has actually been a trend in a lot of new parks – moving the expensive seats closer to the field, but sticking the cheap seats way out there, and being able to claim that overall, seats are closer.  I guess that’s true, if you can get good seats (which should be close to impossible once Citi Field opens), but if you can’t, better bring the binoculars.  Anyway, there’s other tidbits in there about the new parks, and I can’t help but be a little bit leery of replacing Shea.  What can I say, the place has a lot of history for me, most recently coming in Game 1 of last year’s NLCS.  Anyway, more to come later in the week, with predictions for 2007!

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  1. GlennT says:

    It’s good to have you back, guys. I read this site throughout last year, but I missed it during the off season! I look forward to reading your posts throughout this upcoming season.

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