Wait, Fernando Tatis is in New Orleans?

When did this happen?

(Looking it up)

Wow, apparently on March 23rd, the Mets signed Fernando Tatis to a minor league contract.  Seriously, a few weeks ago, I was shocked to find out Tatis was still PLAYING baseball, and now not only is he playing baseball, he’s playing baseball for the Mets’ AAA affiliate!  Man, between Fernando Tatis and Chan Ho Park, the Mets are starting up a 1999 All Star team in the Pacific Coast League.

2 Responses to “Wait, Fernando Tatis is in New Orleans?”

  1. MikeGrim says:

    I actually saw his name in a late spring training box score and basically marked out! I mean, this is Fernando FREAKIN Tatis we’re talking about…

  2. Chris Wilcox says:

    If I had seen Tatis’ name in a spring training box score, I would assume it was another fellow named Tatis, like Ricardo Tatis or something. I mean…how is he still active? Also, how did he once hit 34 homers in a season? He has 92 for his career! Thirty-seven percent of his home runs came in one season. That’s not suspicious at all.

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