After being forced to sit through the TBS telecast of the Mets vs. Braves yesterday, I am currently sitting through the FOX pregame. Some great things so far: Tim MacCarver looks like he’s 90. Joe Girardi has said about 10 things incorrectly. And Kevin Kennedy, talking about the Braves, talked about how “no one” is talking about them and everyone is picking the Mets and Phillies and overlooking them. Then, when Kennedy makes his picks…he has the Phillies winning the east, and the Mets getting the wild card. WHAT?! But you just said…I…you…but…WHAT?!? Shoot me now! Tim MacCarver is wearing Tony LaRussa-esque sunglasees…Oh yeah, he’s drunk.

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  1. Chris Wilcox says:


    Seeing them reminds me negatively of last year’s NLCS. If the Mets lose this game, I will start a petition for Mets fans to sign to send to Fox to ensure Buck and McCarver are not assigned to another Mets game this year.

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