It’s Old Timer’s Week at Shea!

Yesterday, it was Tom Glavine getting his 292nd win that propelled the Mets to victory. Today, it was an even older Julio Frano who gave the boys in blue and orange the win over the Nats, 3-2.

Franco came up to pinch hit in the seventh inning with runners on first and second and the game tied and, despite looking somewhat slow at the plate, managed to find the hole up the middle. He hit a pitch from Ryan Wagner on the ground right back up the middle and David Wright came in to score what would be the winning run.

The night will probably be remembered for Mike Pelfrey’s less-than-perfect start, as he managed to go five and 2/3 innings but gave up six hits and four walks. That walk total could easily have been higher but he seemed to get the benefit of some very close calls.

I don’t have time to do a full recap but here are a few thoughts:

1. David Wright looked pretty good. Regular readers of this blog know that I’m not too high on Wright so far this season, but he hit the ball hard tonight and had some good at-bats. Hopefully, I’m very wrong about him.

2. This trend of walking hitters has got to stop. Maine, Perez, Glavine, and now Pelfrey have given up a combined total of 4,328 walks over the last few games (my numbers may be slightly off). To be a winning team, that number has got to come down.

3. John Patterson is considered the Nats staff ace. John Patterson. ‘Nuff said.

4. The team is being very aggressive on the bases, just like last season. Reyes, Wright, and Shawn Green(!) stole bases last night, so that was very good to see. The used that aggressiveness as a major weapon last season so if they continue the trend they’ll be dangerous this year again.

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  1. Chris Wilcox says:

    The key to stealing bases is having players who can do it without getting caught. Last year, the Mets were successful on almost 81% of their stolen base attempts, while stealing more bases than every team in the majors except for the Angels. The Angels were caught stealing twenty more times than the Mets, which means the Mets got more out of stealing bases than any other team in the majors. If they can continue to keep up that high rate of success, then stealing bases will be a great way to move players in position to score runs this year.

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