Marlins 9, Mets 6

So much for the Chan Ho Park Era.  Can somebody tell me how he got the start?  How the worst starter for the New Orleans Zephyrs this season somehow got the nod to replace El Duque in the rotation?  In New Orleans, Park had a 7.29 ERA, having allowed 17 runs on 26 hits (including 6 homers) in 21 innings…all while playing in the biggest pitcher’s park in minor league baseball (and perhaps all of baseball, period) against hitters who aren’t major league calibre.

So how did he get the start?  Because it was his turn in the rotation, and the Mets promised him the first call-up because of injury.  That’s it.  Not because of merit.  While I appreciate the team keeping their word to the guy…at the same time, he had done nothing in New Orleans to warrant a call-up.  Jorge Sosa has a 1.13 ERA in 32 IP, having only allowed 33 baserunners and a single home run.  Phillip Humber hasn’t been great, looks like he’s allowing too many walks (9 in 26 IP), but his ERA is 4.15, and he isn’t getting hit up nearly as bad as Park.  The same can be said for Jason Vargas.  Park has been terrible in New Orleans so far, so why waste a start on the guy?  It’s mind-blowing.  The Mets aren’t going to run away with the division this year – they can’t afford to blow starts like they did last year with Jose Lima.

It’s a shame, because the Mets’ bats awoke after a bad series in Washington.  Six runs, eleven hits, Carlos Beltran went 4 for 5 with a homer and a steal, Jose Reyes electrified the crowd with his 17th stolen base in the month of April, putting him on pace for 115 (!) stolen bases for the season, and also hit two doubles.  The team was hitting, but they were put in a 7-0 defecit early on.  If Hernandez had been healthy, this would have been an easy win.  Instead, with an undeserving pitcher thrust into the spot, it turns into an ugly loss.

Other notes…it might be too early to tell, but I’m not sure Aaron Sele is going to work out in the Darren Oliver role…Ruben Gotay was called up to replace Jose Valentin, who went on the DL.  Last year, that spot would have gone to Anderson Hernandez, but it looks like the Mets may be ready to cut bait on him.  Gotay can hit, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him get some starts while Valentin recovers…

The Mets will try to take Game 2 of this three game series tonight in Flushing, with Mike Pelfrey facing Ricky Nolasco.  Park stinking up the joint last night and El Duque’s injury probably gives Pelf a bit of a reprieve for now, but it would sure help if he could step up with a big performance against the Fish, especially after last night’s loss left such a bad taste in everybody’s mouths.  Game time is 7:10 PM EST.

On an unrelated note, I apologize that we didn’t get up anything about the Nationals series this past weekend, I have been in and out and didn’t really get a chance to watch as much of the games as I would have liked to do a recap.  For the time being, it looks like I should be on top of these, so expect more frequent updates.

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  1. Joeadig says:

    Park DID NOT get beat up as badly as the box score looked. There was some horrible defense played behind him during the 3rd inning– a line drive dropped (and ruled a hit somehow) by Damion Easley, a couple bloops placed perfectly between outfielders, but nothing that would be serious at all if the team picked him up. Mind you, I’m not defending him, but he wasn’t as bad as you want to assume.

  2. Chris Wilcox says:

    Was bad defense the reason the Marlins hit two homers in four innings? I’m sorry, but this is what Chan Ho Park is in 2007. I thought he would be better than this, but…he was getting beat up in Norfolk, and he did nothing in the majors to prove he belongs there, either.

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