I agree with this completely

Over at Unfiltered, the Baseball Prospectus blog, Gary Huckaby sums up my feelings exactly.  I have believed this since day one; sometimes good teams play bad baseball.  Over the past two weeks, the Mets have been a good team that played very bad baseball, and that’s why they won’t be in the playoffs this week.  It still hurts to say that, but it’s true.

One more quick note about updates – I will be updating as news comes in this off-season.  Not every day, just reactions to general news as it hits the wire.  If/when Willie Randolph gets fired, I’ll have a comment about it here.  If/when the Mets make a major signing or trade, I’ll have a comment about it here.  Any major news that involves the Mets from here on out, you can expect a comment from me about it, good or bad.  When I have time, I’ll try to get columns up if I have a topic to write about.  This past weekend, I happened to have two.  Don’t expect that every week.  But do expect more than what I have posted since May; after last October, my reaction to what happened was to write less and less until I had stopped updating here.  This time around, my reaction to this particular collapse is to use this forum to speak on Mets issues more and to try to work through the hurt.

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