Am I imagining things or did Omar make a good trade today?

One day after making an utterly horrible free agent signing, Omar somewhat redeems himself by getting something for Guillermo Mota.  Not only did he get something for probably the most reviled Mets reliever ever, he actually got a starting catcher for him, Johnny Estrada.  I would have taken literally ANYTHING for Mota at this point, and that they actually got something of use for him almost redeems Minaya for the Castillo signing.  I am ecstatic, I could not have expected to get anything more for Mota, who might actually be the Brewers closer if Francisco Cordero signs elsewhere.  Hey, good luck with that Brewers fans.

I really can’t express how happy I am.  I can’t emphasize this enough – I HATED Guillermo Mota last year.  Mota was one of the key reasons, in my mind, the Mets did not win the NL East, because of how poorly he played, particularly against the Phillies.  That the Mets got ANYTHING of value, much less a startable catcher, for that piece of garbage has me absolutely elated.  I can’t say this enough.  Johnny Estrada will not make Mets fans forget about Mike Piazza, Todd Hundley, or Gary Carter, but he’ll be fine as the starter, Castro will be fine as a backup (and he should see an increased role this year), and the Mets got rid of one of the biggest problems from last year.  Thanks, Omar, and thanks to you too, Doug Melvin.  You saved what had been a ruined day by the BBWAA.

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  1. tjv101 says:

    I can’t knock this trade either because I too would have taken a bucket of balls for Mota at this point. For them to have signed him to a 2 year deal anyway after the wake of the steroids scandal is just mind-boggling. All I can really say is that the Mets must really want nothing to do with Paul LoDuca. Granted Paul LoDuca is no Johnny Bench behind the plate or Mike Piazza at the plate but he is a gritty, hard nosed, leader who can give a team some respectable numbers for a position that generally doesn’t produce too much. I think Willie wants Paul back but he doesn’t want to step on Omar’s toes especially the way the team finished this past season and knowing his job is in jeopardy. He’s recently made a comment at David Wright’s charity event in NYC that he can play on his team any day. Thats how I feel. I just can’t imagine what LoDuca has done to burn his bridges in NY this badly that the Mets were willing to pay someone from the Rockies a 3 year 15 million deal for a player with a bad shoulder, shit numbers, and someone that can’t throw anyone out!

  2. Chris Wilcox says:

    Well, first of all, Lo Duca really isn’t very good. Last year was the worst season of his career, he’s 35 years old, and doesn’t figure to be much better than a backup at this stage of his career. Plus, he has a tendency of speaking his mind, be it good or bad towards this organization, and I think that started to grate on the front office, particularly since he just isn’t a good player anymore. You can get away with being a loudmouth when you’re playing well, but when you aren’t playing well, it will get you run out of town. I actually agree with getting rid of Lo Duca, as I don’t think he’s much better than a backup at this stage, and don’t really see the need to pour resources into a guy who’s not much better than Castro at this point. That said, Estrada really isn’t much better than Lo Duca at all, but I don’t think they look at him as anything more than a one year stop gap, if he’s even with the team at all past this season (there is a rumor going around that the Mets are going to non-tender him, and that the deal was done solely to get rid of Mota).

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