Santana deal could happen today

As a follow-up to what I posted yesterday, Buster Olney from is reporting that the Twins are asking the Mets and Red Sox for their best offers for Johan Santana, with a decision coming as soon as today (although with the way this has dragged on, I wouldn’t count on it).  This is where we find out if the Red Sox are serious or not with the Yankees not presently engaged in talks, and if they aren’t, if the Twins are willing to accept the Mets’ deal without Fernando Martinez.  There’s a chance they’re going to hold onto him until spring training, or even the trade deadline, so the Red Sox bowing out would not necessarily mean that the Mets are annoited the victors, but it would sure help.  Hopefully, the next thing I post on is “Mets trade for Santana, and there was much rejoicing.”  We’ll see what happens, but in the meantime, I’d recommend keeping your eyes peeled to all the major sports news sites, and also (who seem to be the most connected in the Mets blogosphere) for more on this.

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