Does Pedro’s Injury Really Matter?

Two and Out?  Seriously?

Okay, did we learn nothing last year as Mets fans?  Guess not.

Did winning the first three games of the season against the defending champ Cardinals in 2007 guarantee a great season?   Hardly.

So does splitting the first two games of the season automatically means that our World Series hopes can go out the window?  Apparently.

The NY Daily News headline: Pedro Martinez’s injured leg puts season on shaky ground

The NY Post article: “Pedro Martinez heard a pop in his left hamstring last night. Was that the sound of the Mets’ World Series hopes bursting along with it?”

The New York papers seem only too happy to bring up the less-than-exciting possibility that Pedro Martinez will be missing an extended amount of time.  The Mets said to expect he’ll miss four to six weeks, which means he’ll be back sometime during mid-May.  To miss, this isn’t a big deal at all. 

Think about it: Pedro was virtually MIA for all of last year.  Glavine is gone (thankfully) and replaced with Santana (anyone not happy for that swap?).  Maine and Perez are a year older and wiser, yet both are young and strong and in their prime, and both figure to be better in ’08.   Pelfrey starting in the 5-spot is every bit as good as the parade of has-beens who started there last year (Chan Ho Park, Brian Lawrence, etc.).  So what have we really lost?  Nothing.  The only significant change is whatever more Santana gives us then Glavine would have. 

I’ll take that deal any time. 

Mets fans, relax.  Pedro will be back and he’ll be good.  And in the meantime, the staff will be just fine. 

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  1. Chris Wilcox says:

    I’m not panicking…but I’ll be honest, I’d rather have Pedro than not have him, and without him, the NL East race becomes that much closer. The staff is still better off now than it was last year, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to relax yet either.

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