Castillo Aching for a Rest?

For a guy who just signed a $25 million deal, Luis Castillo sure doesn’t sound like he’s all that enthusiastic about playing all that often. 

Castillo commented to the NY Post yesterday that “Sometimes I do [need  a rest].  When I play three or four games in a row, maybe I can get a day off.  I’m going to talk to Willie about it.” 

In case you missed that last paragraph, let me say it again: Castillo needs a rest after play for “three or four games.”  Three or four games.  Three.  Or Four. 

It would have been understandable if he were suffering from some temporary injury, one that was causing him to tire easily or be more vulnerable to injury or fatigue.  But there is no injury that I know of. He had surgery on his knee over the off-season, but it’s supposed to be fine by now.  Plus, there is not indication that his request for time off is a temporary thing.  The implication in his statement is that he will need that break for the rest of his career. 

Let’s do some math here.  He is signed for three full seasons after this one.  There are 148 games remaining in this season, and then 486 to go from 2009-2011. That’s a total of 634 games he has, games for which he is guaranteed pay.  If he is going to take a day off every 3.5 days, that means he’s bound to miss 181 games, which is more than an entire season.  All of these numbers are, of course, excluding playoff games and spring training games. 

I want to like this guy.  He’s a Met, the Mets are my team, and when I do the math, that means I should like him.  But the way he plays, combined with the slump he’s in to start his season and the huge contract he undeservedly signed, just make my liking him impossible. 

I’m officially starting the countdown:  only 634 more games until Luis Castillo’s contract is off the books.

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  1. Chris Wilcox says:

    My “list of Mets I dislike” goes something like this right now:

    5. Scott Schoeneweis (has worked his way down the list since the home opener)
    4. Brady Clark (really, this guy made the team over Gotay? Because he can play right field sort of ok? Really?)
    3. Jorge Sosa (proof positive that targeting fly ball pitchers is not necessarily a good idea)
    2. Aaron Heilman (helped himself out in Philly the other day but has otherwise been dreadful)
    1. Luis Castillo (I hate his offensive game plan, which appears to be “square to bunt all the time and hope maybe one out of 5 times I don’t get thrown out.” Have you heard of warning track power? Castillo has “infield power.” Oh well, at least he’s only signed for three and a half more years!)

    ALSO RECEIVING VOTES: Raul Casanova (I want to like a giant catcher with power, but it’d be nice if he showed this alleged power once in a while), Endy Chavez (completely overrated thanks to one great catch that ultimately became meaningless. Also subscribes to the Luis Castillo School of Bunting At Any And All Times.)

    SURPRISINGLY NOT RECEIVING VOTES: Brian Schneider (I had no expectations this year and he has exceeded them. Too bad his defense has been lousy so far)

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