ESPN and NY Media can follow Willie Out

I just don’t know where this team is going.  I have no issue with firing Willie.  Manuel…eh.  I dunno.  This team is expected to win, and there’s still over half a season left I don’t get just inserting an interim manager in. 

I am more disgusted by the media handling of this, the media that has been ripping Willie and calling for his firing, and now that it happens, the Mets are classless organization.  I honestly don’t know if I can follow this team other than watching home games anymore this season.  For 3 weeks Buster Onley writes column after column, “not if but when will the fire Randolph.”  So they do, and now because the allowed him to manage one game of a west coast road trip, they’ve embarrassed him?  I didn’t realise plane rides where so horrible.  I didn’t realise, knowing he was on outs, letting him talk to his players on that flight and when they got in,, probably saying goodbye to them, it was a dastardly act.

It’s complete and utter BS the way this is being covered.  Should Omar now be on the hot seat?  Hell yes.  But I am so disgusted by fans and media, who now LOVE Willie.  Get out.  All of them.  I’m sorry this isn’t a classy team like the Yankees who have never made a manager a scape goat or treated him like less of a man….OH WAIT, THEY DID 8 months ago and for the better part of the previous seasons!!!

Every single one of you bandwagon fans for bought your #57 jerseys in the offseason…Go away.  Buster Onley?  Tell us more about Vanderbilt and shut up.  Yankee fans who are mocking the Mets “dysfunction,” handle your own issues.  All the NY writers and radio hosts who spent the past 4 weeks begging for Willie to be fired and now are appalled at the way it was done, go cover the Yankee and Knicks and report how great their front offices are.

Look, there is no doubt this who Omar/Bernazard stuff is bad.  I have from early last year been wary of it.  But for the love of the Mets stop acting like it’s the reason the Mets aren’t very good this year.  No clutch hitting, no power, no left feilder.  THAT’S WHY THEY ARE THE WAY THEY ARE.  It doesn’t matter what race or colour the GM or Manager are.  What matters is, the Mets front office wasn’t prepared to deal with injuries to older players that they knew were coming.  It was Willie sticking to the Clueless Joe Torre, “Stay with the vets, they’ll come through” schtick.  It wasn’t Jose Reyes clapping when he hit a double or celebrating on the top step of the dugout.  It wasn’t Carlos Delgado not taking a pointless curtain call. 

What was it?  It was the lack of a power/authority figure to take a stand, one way or another, and not give the ol’ tired, “That’s the way he plays the game.  I may not always approve, but that’s (insert player name here).”

Why would any player feel accountable when the manager basically said, “I’m better than that, but I won’t enforce my feelings because I want people to like me” or whatever Willie’s rationalization is.

I supported Willie coming back in 2008.  That was a mistake.  I don’t know if I support Omar, but I’m leaning towards the “not supporting him” side of things.  He’s got one more go round with me.  Find a legit manager and a legit staff.,,if they don’t get it done, then it’s Omar’s turn.

There will be no fair coverage of this.  ESPN clearly forgets how inept at times Steve Phillips was and now his opinion on executive and player decisions are looked at with a rose coloured pair of glasses never seen before.  The NY press just wants a story.  They used Willie’s frustrations to make him appear to blame race on his situation and now they’re gonna martyr him. 

For the team itself, it’s time to move past it.  Just play baseball.  Hopefully the SNY team cares enough about the team and the REAL fans to call a baseball game in the same light hearted and insightful way they have been doing and Bill Webb won’t have to be on his toes to make sure he cuts to the dugout every time Willie pumped his fist.

Sadly, I don’t live in the NY area anymore, so for at least a few series, as long as I can only get the road teams feed which undoubtedly rake the Mets over the coals, I will have to stick to box scores.

Don’t get me wrong, I HATE homers with a passion; but this hypo and hyper-critical analysis of the AWFUL WILPONS AND OMAR is not something I care about right now.  If my team wins, I’m happy.  Willie Randolph seems like an honestly good human being.  That doesn’t mean he deserved one more day as Mets manager.  What if they had lost Monday night?  Would all this garbage have happened?  Who knows.  As long as it gives people at the NY papers, WFAN and ESPN a few days/weeks of material, I highly doubt it would have mattered.

 So long pseduo-Mets fans.  For those of you who are staying with this team, you don’t have to like the way the handled this change and a free to voice your opinions.  This has been mine.

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  1. Chris Wilcox says:

    I kind of disagree, as my take shows, but it’s only because I thought they should have made a move sooner, and this timing was really poor. Fire him before the plane ride, fire him after, but the way they did this was just lousy. I don’t say this as a supporter of Willie, but as a fan of common sense, which says you don’t fly a guy 3,000 miles under false pretenses that he will continue to manage this team into the future, and then make a change one day later. They should have fired Willie, preferably sooner rather than later, but not like this.

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