Can we stop the Carlos Delgado for MVP campaign now? And other Mets thoughts…

A semi-coherent listing of thoughts following the atrocity seen today, unfortunately an atrocity Mets fans know all too well (and I suspect will know again sometime before it’s all said and done for 2008):

  • I have been accused of being a homer on this very site.  So be it.  But I will say this: Carlos Delgado not only shouldn’t be the MVP, he probably shouldn’t even receive a single vote.  I am enjoying that he has gotten hot in the second half.  The Mets wouldn’t be in a playoff race at all without him.  But April, May, and June count, too.  If Delgado is even a league-average first baseman during those first three months, I can see him winning MVP.  But he was probably the worst everyday first baseman in the National League over those three months.  He doesn’t deserve MVP talk over Reyes, Wright, or even Beltran (who is having another quiet excellent season).  But really, the only player who deserves first place votes for the MVP this year is Albert Pujols; he is quietly having one of the best seasons we’ve seen in the National League since Barry Bonds’ salad days, great hitting, great defense at first…and he probably won’t come close to winning.  Proof again that the MVP voting system is completely broken, if the Jimmy Rollins win from last year didn’t demonstrate that enough.
  • After today’s disaster, can we stop pretending that Luis Ayala is a closer, and not a bad pitcher who had a few good outings?  If anything, the Ayala run proved that anybody can close, that one does not need some special mystique to effectively retire three batters with a 1-3 run lead; that so many Mets pitchers failed to do it before him is not proof of anything other than that the Mets do not have many good pitchers in their bullpen.
  • While we are talking bullpen, does Jerry Manuel have any interest in using Al Reyes or Bobby Parnell?  I know Manuel recently decreed that he was going to stop using younger players unless it was necessary, which cost Nick Evans his spot despite playing decent ball of late, so I can understand Parnell not getting much time (even with his 98 MPH fastball and the fact that he, not Eddie Kunz, is more likely to be the Mets’ closer of the future).  But Reyes pitched effectively in relief as recently as a year ago; he strikes batters out, he doesn’t walk the park, and he’s a little homer-prone, but he even has the magical ability to close games that he and a select few walking the face of the Earth possesses.  Can’t we at least give the guy a shot?
  • Once again, it feels like David Wright and Carlos Beltran are going to play big over the last two weeks of the season.  Also, once again, it is feeling like the pitching staff is going to let them down.  Maybe it’s just after a week of some below-par starts by the rotation and a few disastrous relief appearances, but you cannot let a lousy team like the Braves come to Shea, start 2 of your 3 best starters, and come away with only one win.  This series, the Nationals series, and the Phillies series felt like 2007 all over again (although the Mets actually won the Nationals series despite the big comebacks by the Nats).
  • The shame of this recent run of lefty starters the Mets have faced is that it has kept Daniel Murphy out of the lineup.  They really should have considered sitting Church in one of those serieses and started Murphy; Church just doesn’t look like the same player that was so good in the early part of the year and struggled facing the lefties.  I love watching Murphy play; he has great at-bats and gives the Mets a pest early in the lineup that they have seemed to have lacked the past two years.  Only Beltran and Wright grind out at-bats like Murphy.  I don’t know if he’s capable of doing this over a whole season, but I’m sure anxious to find out.
  • I can’t believe Jorge Julio picked up the win in relief today.  God, I hate that man.  And the Mets managed to get 2nd and 3rd with one out against him and couldn’t cash in.  I wish I could count the number of times this team has left runners in scoring position this season; I bet they lead the league.  As well as this team has done in scoring runs (2nd in the NL), it feels like they should have more.  Conversely, the only pitchers who have pitched well this year have been Johan, Pelfrey, and Wagner (Ollie and Maine have been too spotty for my tastes and Pedro has been garbage), and one of those guys will likely never wear a Mets uniform again.
  • Folks, be prepared for a rocky, rocky final 14, and be prepared for anything and everything; winning the NL East, winning the Wild Card, not making the playoffs at all.  I am going to the last regular season home game at Shea, fully prepared that this may very well be the last game ever played in one of my favorite buildings ever built.  Or it may host games 3, 4, and 5 of the 2008 World Series.  Anything can happen, and probably will.

3 Responses to “Can we stop the Carlos Delgado for MVP campaign now? And other Mets thoughts…”

  1. Joeadig says:

    1. Pujols is having a good year but he’s not a runaway MVP winner. His numbers are good and he’s got NOBODY around him, which is why he should/will win. BUT Delgado definitely deserves to be in the conversation. Forget numbers and think about the clutch hits he’s gotten over the past few months. Numbers alone don’t tell the tale, as evidenced by Jimmy Rollins, Kirk Gibson, et al.

    2. The Mets could do worse than having Luis Ayala as the closer. At least it’s not Aaron Heilman! Or Jorge Julio! Or Guillermo Mota! Or Braden Looper! Or… the list goes on.

    3. With Wagner’s injury, I am very worried about them going out and spending big money on K-Rod. He’s a great closer, but the man is not worth $15 per year for anything more than a two year deal. Pedro was worth the four years, as was Glavine– both pitchers slumped in the later half of the contract, but both changed the face of the team in the early half. This string of good seasons doesn’t happen without them. But to sign K-Rod to a long-term deal is just foolish. They can make do with Parnell or Ayala or someone else that isn’t on the radar yet.

    4. What the hell is up with the Brewers??? How can they justify firing a manager who is in contention for the playoffs with just 12 games left??? So they’re slumping… big deal! Look at their record over the previous 10 years, and it’s clear that they’re having the best season they’ve enjoyed in a LONG time! Idiots. I didn’t like Yost and don’t think he’s a good manager, but that’s just low to fire him now.

  2. Chris Wilcox says:

    1. Pujols is putting up PlayStation numbers; his batting average is higher than Delgado’s on-base percentage. He is having one of the great underappreciated seasons ever, because he isn’t leading the lead in homers or RBIs (but is leading in batting average, on base percentage, and sluggign percentage). I honestly can’t see another player who deserves a first place vote over Pujols, especially Delgado, who was for a long period of time the worst hitting first baseman in the National League. Like I said above, April, May, and June count for “Most Valuable Player of the Year,” and half of Delgado’s year was absolutely pitiful.

    2. Luis Ayala is terrible. The fact that this team can do worse is in no way a tribute to his abilities. Bad pitchers have good stretches, and that’s what we saw. Continuing to go with Ayala at this point would be like playing Blackjack, going on a hot run doing dumb things like doubling down on 12 or splitting tens, and then instead of quitting while you’re ahead, continuing to do these dumb things until you were down $1200.

    3. First, Pedro absolutely was not worth that contract; the Mets got an excellent 2005, but a subpar 2006, a virtually nonexistant 2007, and a terrible 2008. One good year out of four does not make a good contract. Also, for the first half of Tom Glavine’s contract, he pitched on two terrible Mets teams; how exactly did he change the face of the ‘03 and ‘04 Mets? Both teams finished in 4th place. The only year he was the best pitcher on a good Mets team was 2006, and dare I say that Glavine’s biggest contribution to the Mets may one day wind up being Brad Holt and Ike Davis.

    About the K-Rod point – I don’t think they’re going to pursue K-Rod, if only because they have so much money tied into Wagner that isn’t insured. I’d see them trading for a Huston Street before signing K-Rod, but you’re right, good closers are not usually bought, they are developed. Relievers being as volitile as they are, by the time a team acquires a good reliever, they are usually close to the downside of their career. Whomever does sign K-Rod will likely regret it.

    4. Ned Yost is a terrible manager. I didn’t see the game, but apparently Yost called for an intentional walk on Howard with Brian Shouse in the game so Shouse could pitch to Pat Burrell and Shane Victorino. Now, Ryan Howard cannot hit lefties very well at all. Brian Shouse can only get lefthanded hitters out. Why do you bring Shouse into the game if you are going to walk Howard??? And why would you pitch Shouse against Burrell and Victorino when he can’t pitch to righties? He completely bungled that game, and add to the fact that pitch counts simply don’t seem to matter to him, and I’m not sad to see him go. The Brewers will be in better hands with Svuem for the rest of the year, and with somebody other than a Dusty Baker-type in 2009.

  3. tjv101 says:

    Let’s not forget Pujols is playing injured this year. The man should’ve had surgery on his elbow. From what I understand the tendons and ligaments in his elbow were hanging by a thread. That just shows you why he’s such a beast that he doesn’t care and can still put up numbers. He’s my vote for MVP. Delgado has really helped fuel the Mets push towards the playoffs the last few months but his batting average won’t get him MVP. HR’s and RBI’s alone don’t get it. Its all three.

    Secondly, I agree with Cox that Ayala stinks and I don’t trust him in a big game. The Mets bullpen is just so awful that they needed a new face. I think after Sunday’s blown save against Atlanta, Al Reyes should’ve gotten a chance to save the game this week against the Nationals. Reyes was effective for Tampa Bay but from what I recall he did blow a fair share of save chances as well. That was for a different Rays team though…one that sucked.

    3. Pedro’s 15-5 record in 2005 was awesome but that’s really all he did. Lets not forget the Mets only finished 83-79 that year and not in the playoffs. Last September he did ok after coming off surgery but this year he’s looked overmatched. Anyone and everyone can hit him. He doesn’t fool anyone. I really hope they do not re-sign him or give him anything more than some bullpen work in the playoffs this year.

    4. Also, you mentioned K-Rod. He’s been as much of a dominant closer as you can get in basebeall right now. He’s still young and throws nasty. I’d take him on my team for the next 5 years. Besides, after all the blown saves the Mets bullpen has had this year, how could anyone not want him. Its not our money anyway. 7 blown leads going into the 9th inning or later doesn’t cut it for me anymore.

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