Metsblog’s interview with Omar Minaya

Since I am not going to finish writing about the Mets’ postseason plans for the bullpen today, go read’s interview with Mets General Manager Omar Minaya.  It’s a very good read, I came away from this thinking higher of Omar than I might have before in a lot of areas.  It’s good stuff and it should be appointment reading for all Mets fans desperate for news while the Phillies continue to play ball long past the Mets. 

I will say, I like how Matt Cerrone asked good questions for the most part, things that are on Mets’ fans minds, and while I think the grittiness quotient Mets fans are looking for is silly, Omar basically says “Hey, that’s silly” to answer the question.  But if you want to hear more about the Mets’ future plans for the bullpen, Daniel Murphy, and if you want to read Omar Minaya basically trash Luis Castillo, go read that interview.

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