MiracleMets.net is dead – Welcome to BlueAndOrange.net

Those of you familiar with the work of both myself and my intrepid friend Joeadig should know that the two of us used to pluck away about the New York Mets at our old blog, MiracleMets.net.  Well, no longer.  MiracleMets.net is dead.  If you go there now, you will see a picture of an attractive young lady wearing a backpack.  That is nobody I happen to know.

You see, a month ago, I renewed my web hosting for MiracleMets.net, assuming that when I had bought the domain and hosting three years ago, I had purchased both through the same company.  It turns out I didn’t, and on November 5th, I lost my rights to the domain MiracleMets.net, which was quickly swapped up by an Austrailian company that purchases domain names that have expired with high number of Google hits.  So, thanks to my craven incompetence, MiracleMets.net is gone.

But since I already purchased all of this web hosting, it makes no sense to fold up shop now.  And thanks to renewing my webhosting, I retained all of my old archives, so nothing I have written, good or bad, has been lost.  And frankly, I had wanted to change up the look of the site a little bit anyway.  The only thing left to figure out was a name; with apologies to fans of the Denver Broncos, New York Knicks, and New York Islanders, the Mets most identify the colors blue and orange in the sports world.

So that’s where we stand today.  Maybe this whole situation is a good thing; since I started MiracleMets.net in 2005, the Mets suffered a heartbreaking loss in the 2006 NLCS, a heartbreaking collapse in 2007, and a less-heartbreaking-but-still-lousy collapse in 2008.  Maybe a change in domains will help them get over the hump.  Or…maybe it won’t have any effect whatsoever.  Either way, the same great writing you’ve come to expect at MiracleMets.net will now be found here, and I am hoping to even expand on that coverage heading into Citi Field and 2009, so please bookmark us and visit regularly!

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