Holliday to the A’s – good news for Mets fans

The Matt Holliday trade to Oakland is good for the Mets if only for one reason – that means the best LF option on the market is in Oakland, and not Philadelphia.  Sure, the Mets could also use an LF, but realistically, they were not a match for Oakland; the package Colorado received included a top OF prospect (which the Mets could have matched if they dealt Fernando Martinez), a major league ready starting pitcher (which the Mets could have matched if they dealt Aaron Heilman) and a major league ready closer (which the Mets could not have matched under any circumstances). 

Could the Phillies have matched this?  Without knowing their minor league system too well, I can’t say.  But no question – I was scared to death that they could.  Now, they could still sign a Manny Ramirez or a Pat Burrell; they are going to have to have somebody play left, and they don’t have anybody in the minors ready to step in.  Manny in red and white could be particularly dangerous in the short-term, especially if the Mets have designs of retaking the NL East in 2009.  But Matt Holliday was a guy who could step in and give that team another impact righty bat (albeit one who played bad defense, but they put Burrell in LF for years) and he’s now an A.  He can’t help the Mets, but at least he can’t hurt them either.

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  1. Joeadig says:

    You forgot something:
    If Huston Street really is a part of this deal (which is yet to be confirmed) then this also means that the Rockies won’t bother trying to re-sign their own closer, thus taking another competitor for his services off the table.

  2. Chris Wilcox says:

    The Rockies weren’t going to keep Fuentes anyway; they have Manny Corpas for next year. If anything, I think this trade makes Street that much more available for trade.

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