Free Agent Predictions

One man’s uneducated guesses: 

Jason Varitek – Tigers, 1 year/$5 million

First Base:
Mark Teixiera – Angels, 7 years/$154 million
Jason Giambi – A’s, 1 year/$8 million + incentives

Second Base:
Orlando Hudson – Giants, 4 years/$36 million

Rafael Furcal – A’s, 2 years/$15 million

Manny Ramirez – Dodgers, 4 years/$90 million + option
Bobby Abreu – Royals, 4 years/$60 million
Pat Burrell – Angels, 4 years/$50 million
Adam Dunn – Orioles, 5 years/$70 million
Raul Ibanez – Indians, 3 years/$30 million
Milton Bradley – Mets, 2 years/$24 million
Ken Griffey Jr – Mariners, 1 year/$6 million + incentives

Starting Pitcher:
CC Sabathia – Yankees, 6 years/$150 million
AJ Burnett – Nationals, 5 years/$75 million
Derek Lowe – Mets, 3 years/$45 million
Oliver Perez – Dodgers, 4 years/$56 million
Ryan Dempster – Cubs, 4 years/$52 million
Ben Sheets – Astros, 2 years/$18 million
Pedro Martinez – Blue Jays, 1 year/$5 million + incentives

Relief Pitcher:
Francisco Rodriguez – Mets, 4 years/$48 million
Brian Fuentes – Cardinals, 3 years/$30 million
Kerry Wood – Tigers, 2 years/$18 million + incentives
Trevor Hoffman – Brewers, 1 year/$5 million + incentives

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  1. tjv101 says:

    Well as far as us Met fans are concerned, we only care about one thing…a closer. With the abundance of closers and the sheer lack of most teams uninterested in one, should give the Mets the leg up here. I really think the Mets have the ball here when it comes to signing one especially K-Rod. All the big market teams don’t need a closer. Dodgers have Saito/Broxton. Cubs have Marmol. Boston has Papelbon. Yanks have Mo. Philly has Lidge. That leaves the Mets and Detroit in my book. I think the Mets will get their man K-Rod and will have to make sure they don’t budge in not giving him the 5 year deal he wants. I am ok with 4 and 50-52 mill. I would even take a chance on Kerry Wood or Fuentes if things don’t pan out. Starting pitching wise, I think the Mets will get Lowe or Penny and hopefully re-sign Perez. Santana, Maine, and Pelfrey aren’t enough. I am a little apprehensive about going after Sheets, Burnett, or even Dempster

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