Affeldt and Awards and K-Rod

I don’t want to go too in-depth into either, so quickly…

  • I was disappointed to see that Jeremy Affeldt signed with the Giants.  I thought he would have been a good pickup for the Mets.  The Mets are looking for strikeout guys, and Affeldt had 80 in 78 IP last year, and unlike every left-handed pitcher in their bullpen from last year, he can get right handers out.  After seeing Affeldt get 2 years and $8 million from the Giants, he looks to have been exceedingly affordable, too.  Plus, unlike Juan Cruz, he won’t cost the team a first round draft pick.  It is disappointing that the Mets apparently didn’t even make an offer here, considering the talk on relievers so far.
  • Start the award talk with the Gold Glove.  I’m happy that Beltran won his third straight Gold Glove.  I love watching him play center, he covers so much ground.  I don’t think Mets fans will realize what he brings to the defense until he’s gone.  As for Wright…it’s debatable that he deserved the Gold Glove, but the NL seems to have a dearth of great defensive third basemen.  At gunpoint, I’d probably say Zimmerman deserves it over Wright, but Wright isn’t a bad defensive player and it’s not a horrible pick, though perhaps not the correct one, either.
  • No Mets rookie received any consideration for Rookie of the Year, and rightfully so.  It’s a shame Daniel Murphy lost his rookie consideration on the last day of the season and didn’t have a playoff birth to show for it, but thems the breaks.
  • Jerry Manuel did not receive support for Manager of the Year, although I think he would have finished higher had the Mets made the playoffs.  I have to think that if the Mets do get over the hump next year and make the playoffs, the writers will “reward” him with the award unless something crazy happens like Manny Acta managing the Nationals into the playoffs.
  • Johan Santana finished third in the NL Cy Young voting.  I’d say Lincecum is a worthy winner of the award, although I’d probably put Santana just a slight notch ahead (then again, I’m biased).  Webb finishing second because of wins is a joke; I’d probably rate Brad Lidge as a better pitcher this year, and I’m usually loathe to rank a reliever that high.  I like Webb, as I like groundball/strikeout pitchers, but his second half really wasn’t very good.  His finishing second was as a result of the high win totals and his great first half.
  • Five Mets received MVP votes, though none finished higher than fifth (Wright).  It once again shows how well the team’s core played, and how poorly their complimentary players played, that so many players could receive MVP consideration and yet that team failed to make the playoffs.  I’d also argue the order that those Mets finished; BBWAA ranked them Wright/Delgado/Santana/Beltran/Reyes, while I would rank them Wright/Beltran/Santana/Reyes/Delgado.  It’s also pretty shameful that Chase Utley only finished 15th, while his less valuable teammate Ryan Howard finished 2nd, but at least Albert Pujols won the award, deservedly.
  • The more I read about K-Rod, the more I’m worried about him.  His strikeouts are down, his fastball is down, he’s overusing his breaking pitches…I just see him as a guy who is going to spend time on the DL sometime during his next contract.  With the Mets already getting burned by Wagner, they can’t get burned on another closer.  While we’re here, I also think it’s telling that a lot of what we’re hearing about K-Rod with the Mets is coming from the agent.  The more I think about it, the more I think Fuentes is Omar’s guy, and he’s the one he’s going to sign, and you know what?  I’m getting more and more OK with that.

That’s all for now – expect something from Joeadig sooner rather than later, and sometime this week, I’ll wrap up the first basemen for the Top Ten Offensive Seasons in Mets History series.  Plus, we will react to any and all moves that happen on the free agent market that directly or indirectly affect the Mets, so please keep on coming!

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