Phillies sign Ibanez, 3 years/$30 million

I believe the internet term used to describe this would be, “LOL.”  Seriously, I can’t figure out why the Phillies did this.  So they replaced their right-handed, power hitting, walk drawing, poor defensive left fielder for…a left-handed, power hitting, walk-drawing, poor defensive outfielder, only this left fielder hits for less power, draws fewer walks, and might even be worse defensively.  And he’s five years older?  And it replaces the only power righty in their lineup with another left-handed power hitter?  And they signed him until he turns 40?  I wish Mets fans could really, truly laugh out loud at this signing…but the Phillies just won the World Series and we didn’t, so…

Look, I know not everybody loves Pat Burrell, and he has his problems.  He has periods where he is absolutely terrible at the plate, he strikes out a lot, he stinks defensively…I get the problems.  But he draws walks and hits for power from the right side of the plate.  The Mets should get involved here – it really wouldn’t be a bad move for them at all.  It would make Murphy a super-sub for 2009, which might be his best position, and it would make Tatis a pinch hitter/4th outfielder, which also might be his best position.  Sure, the Mets would have to figure out a way to jettison Marlon Anderson, but the team would be better and more interesting.  What’s not to like here?

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  1. tjv101 says:

    As much as you bash Ibanez, he has a pretty good last 3 seasons. He’s been averaging over 25 HR’s the last 3 years and driven in more than 100 RBI’s. He also hits better than .290 and averages 35 doubles a year. Not too bad. You can’t tell me Burrell’s year after year of hitting in the .250’s and averaging about 120 hits a year was all that impresive. Yes his HR’s and RBI’s are good if not better than Ibanez but thats in a hitter friendly park in old Philly. I am not bashing this deal as much as you. I certainly don’t want Burrell either on the Mets.

  2. Chris Wilcox says:

    Ibanez doesn’t draw walks, and Burrell does, thus Burrell posts better OBPs than Ibanez. Also, Burrell is five years younger than Ibanez, is probably better defensively (which is a scary thought), and right-handed, which is an area where the Phillies are weak. The Ibanez signing was terrible for the Phillies, and even if Burrell doesn’t wind up on the Mets (and he probably won’t), I suspect Phillies fans will be missing him as soon as June or July.  Also, while Burrell did hit at hitter-friendly Citizens Bank Park, he actually hit more homers on the road than at home, so he’s not a product of that environment at all, his bat will play anywhere.

  3. tjv101 says:

    Your comparing apples and oranges here. Do we really need to go stat for stat here? Why not bring up how often Burrell strikes out? It wasn’t that awful of a signing. Burrell is about 4.5 years younger than Ibanez but plays to about 4.5 years older. Have you ever seen him hustle? Ibanez factually gets more hits, RBI’s, scores more runs, hits more extra base hits, and has a significantly higher average than Burrell ever will. 3 years 30 million isn’t that awful. I’d rather have Ibanez than Burrell any day

  4. Chris Wilcox says:

    I’d rather have Burrell because he gets on base more (thus making fewer outs) and hits for more power. Burrell is younger than Ibanez, closer to his prime, and they are both equally poor defensively. Give Burrell a three year deal and Ibanez a three year deal, and I guarantee Burrell will out-perform Ibanez over those three years, especially since Burrell has already out-performed Ibanez over the previous 5 seasons and is five years younger to boot.

  5. tjv101 says:

    Its great that he can draw a walk…and stay at first base. I’d rather have someone that can actually get an extra base hit (which means he gets hits and has an average) and possibly be driven in by the next batter (as Ibanez’s runs scored destroy Burrell’s). I truly think Ibanez will have better stats on the Phils than he had in the AL and better than Burrell. Your too caught up in the age thing. Ibanez isn’t all that old at 36. For your stubborness on this and your I know it all mentality, I am considering delaying your Christmas card. I don’t think Burrell was ever in a “prime”. I’ve always hated him and think he’s over-rated

  6. Chris Wilcox says:

    Ibanez and Burrell had the same number of extra base hits last year – 69, though Burrell came to the plate 50 fewer times than Ibanez. Burrell, a guy you said never hustles, actually had as many triples last season as Ibanez, a man you claimed plays five years younger than Burrell. And it’s not all Citizens Bank Park, as Burrell had nine more extra base hits on the road than he did at home. The difference in batting average is all singles, a difference Burrell more than negates by walking more, getting on base, and not making outs.
    I’m not saying you should love Pat Burrell, hell he killed the Mets. But I think it’s wrong to say he’s not a good baseball player. He is a guy who will get on base a good deal and hit for power. I’m not saying he’s without faults, he’s streaky as all hell and plays rotten defense. But I think it is pretty demonstratably false that Raul Ibanez is a better baseball player than Pat Burrell, because his defense is just as bad as Burrell’s, maybe worse, he’s not as good at getting on base as Burrell, and he hits for less power.

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