Our long national nightmare is over

Scott Schoeneweis will likely not end the Mets’ season in 2008.  Well, I guess if the Arizona Diamondbacks traded him to the Houston Astros next year sometime, hypothetically it could happen.  But that would seem unlikely.  In two seasons with the Mets, Schoeneweis did little to distinguish himself, not pitching well in either 2007 or 2008.  He could get left-handed hitters out, but that’s it, and on a team that already had about 5 specialists too many last season, one of them was clearly expendable; why not the one that gave up the run that eliminated the Mets from the playoffs?

I shouldn’t be too hard on Schoeneweis; he didn’t belong in the game for that batter (who was right-handed), he was suffering from some real personal trauma with his newborn baby at the time (and of course, I wish him nothing but the best with that), but…I mean, as a Mets fan, you can’t help but be disappointed by the way Schoeneweis pitched.  Plain and simple, he just wasn’t a good pitcher most of the time.  He was marginally better in 2008, but he still wasn’t somebody you felt comfortable with when he was on the mound, particularly if the batter was right-handed.  He won’t be missed, but I still wish him well, particularly on the family front.

In exchange, the Mets got right handed reliever Connor Robertson.  Robertson has been a strikeout pitcher in the minor leagues who, in limited big league innings, hasn’t shown much.  Granted, when I say “limited,” I mean “nine big league innings,” but still.  He’s 27 years old, so he’s not young, but he could turn into a useful reliever at some point.  It does feel like right now, the Mets bullpen is very right-handed, with Feliciano being the only lefty reliever likely to pitch in 2009.  With the Phillies picking up another left-handed bat, you’d think that the Mets might be looking to pick up another lefty reliever at some point, but we will see what happens.

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  1. tjv101 says:

    What a nice new bullpen we have. Thank God the Mets have moved Schoenweis even though they have to pay him nearly $2 million of his $3.7 million dollar contract. I would take a gamble on Robertson and hope he pans out as someone who can play the Joe Smith/Pedro Feliciano role of last year and bridging the Mets into the 8th for Putz and K-Rod in the 9th. No sleep lost here.

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