Joeadig’s 2009 Predictions and Comments


Can this team finally erase the demons of the past two years and make the playoffs?

If they don’t win the division, they won’t make the playoffs. I think that the starting pitching is one injury away from being a disaster. While the bullpen is improved, the starters are nothing special after Johan. With such a small margin for error with the Phillies and the much improved Braves, I just think that the division is too tough to produce a Wild Card winner.

What kind of impact will we see out of the revamped bullpen?

This will be a huge thing. The variety of the pen is the key. O’Day and Green are side-armers, Parnell is a power arm, and Feliciano is junk-baller. I like the mix a lot, and fully expect Jerry Manuel to use these guys as much as any pen in the game.

What do you expect from Jerry Manuel in his first full year as manager?

I expect him to not be Willie Randolph. That’s it. As long as he’s not Willie, I’m okay with whatever he does.

Will the Mets regret not upgrading in the outfield corners?

Daniel Murphy will turn out to be one of the most productive outfielders in the NL. The problem now is the mix of Tatis, Church, and Gary Sheffield. How will that platoon possibly work out? Sheffield needs to play to be happy, and if he’s not happy he could be a problem. Tatis was a great pick up last year, but I doubt lightning will strike twice. Church? Could be above average, could be a waste. All I know is that I would not have minded adding Manny Rameriez to the fold.

Will the lack of depth for the fifth starter job become a problem?

That depends: what’s Scott Erickson up to? Is David Cone available? How about Masato Yoshi? I do not like the starting pitching at all, and I think this will be the downfall of this team.

What do you think about the Mets bench?

I’m going to assume that Marlon Anderson is gone now that Sheffield is here. Otherwise, the bench is pretty nice to look at and I think it’s a typical NL bench in every way. No greatness but no true holes either.

Will the following Mets repeat, exceed, or regress in 2009?

Jose Reyes

SBs will be up (I hope) and he’ll be among the league leaders in hits.

Luis Castillo

Comeback Player of the Year 2009

David Wright

I have a feeling that he will take a step backward. Not sure why, but I think he’s going to struggle.

Carlos Delgado

Remember how we were talking about releasing him last June? Yeah. Those talks will be back soon.

Carlos Beltran

2009 NL MVP

Ryan Church

I see him losing his starting job by the end of May to Gary Sheffield.

Daniel Murphy

Big numbers are in his future. He’s going to be great.

Brian Schneider

He’ll make Ramon Castro look like Ty Cobb.

Johan Santana

Contender for the Cy Young, leader in strikeouts and IP.

John Maine

He’ll spend most of the year on the DL.

Oliver Perez

He’ll have 15 great starts, 15 crappy starts, and 3 average starts.

Mike Pelfrey

The weight of all the expectations will not help him; he’ll be good, but nothing special.

Pedro Feliciano



Home Run Leaders
AL: Carlos Quentin
NL: Ryan Howard

Batting Champs
AL: Justin Morneau
NL: Lance Berkman

Stolen Base Leaders
AL: Carlos Gomez
NL: Jose Reyes

Teams That Will Surprise
AL: Seattle
NL: San Francisco

Teams That Will Disappoint
AL: Tampa Bay
NL: Los Angeles

AL: Carlos Quentin
NL: Carlos Beltran

Cy Young Award
AL: Roy Halladay
NL: Cole Hamels

Rookie of the Year
AL: Matt Weiters
NL: Cameron Maybin


Mets vs. Giants (WC)
Arizona vs. Chicago (NL)
Yankees vs. Angels
Chicago (AL) vs. Boston (WC)

Chicago (NL) vs. Giants
Yankees vs. Chicago (AL)

World Series:
Cubs vs. Yankees
Cubs win in 6

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  1. tjv101 says:

    I agree with you on a lot of things but give it up with the Giants already. There’s no way in the world that offense can win them a playoff spot, let alone make it into the NLCS. You clearly have lost your mind. You also have too many eggs in the basket for your young Daniel Murphy. Granted, the first 3 games of the season, he’s impressed me but I don’t think he will be as incredible as you think. I can’t see him being one of the most productive outfielders in the NL unless the rest of the NL outfielders took the year off and left Jose Canseco out there. Also you put the Angels on a team to disappoint, but have them making the playoffs? We are in agreement with the World Series though.

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