God damn, that game nearly killed me

(Programming Note: I’m not going to do game recaps after every game, not that I had been doing them the past two years anyway. Basically, when I have something to say about a game, I’m going to say it.)

You know, I thought we were done with games like this?  Isn’t this why Omar and company spent approximately eleventy billion dollars to rebuild the bullpen and get rid of most of the assholes who made last year so heartbreaking?  Weren’t five run leads not supposed to be eroded away, to the point where a mere single would have tied the ballgame?  Aren’t we supposed to be past this?  I mean…last year, the Phillies went 162 games, plus the playoffs, without blowing a single lead in the 9th inning.  Couldn’t we go longer than two games?

Well, the answer was yes.  But damn if it wasn’t pretty.  And where did it start?  Of course, with the one member of last year’s bullpen the Mets did bring back, Pedro Feliciano.  Look, I wasn’t against bringing Feliciano back.  If you told me they had to keep one of either him or Schoeneweis, I’d say bring Feliciano back in a heartbeat.  But of all the noted “crossover guys” in this year’s bullpen, Feliciano isn’t one of them.  He suddenly and inexplicably lost his ability to retire right handed hitters.  He should not be pitching to right handers, especially with runners on base.  Seeing him come in and immediately give back one of the Mets’ four insurance runs from the previous inning brought back bad memories.

You can’t hang everything on Feliciano, though.  Sean Green came in and allowed the first of his inherited runners to score, although he came in to a rough spot.  No worries; the score is still 9-6, and the Mets have a killer back end of the bullpen, right?  But then JJ Putz allowed Willy Tavares to get an extra base hit, never a good sign, and he scored on a sac fly.  And then there was that ninth inning.

Good lord, that ninth inning.  I was not ready for this.  It’s been a long time since last season, but not long enough since experiencing a game like that.  Between the god-awful call by the umpire at first base, the walks, and everything else…man, I was dying.  All thoughts went back to 2008, proving that those scars are not going away anytime soon.  I don’t care about the dollars the Wilpons are paying to the new bullpen, or their pedigree…any time the Mets put the winning run on base in the 9th inning, I’m at maximum neurosis until Gary Cohen says “and the ball game is OVER!”

Thankfully, the good guys eked out a win today, and Rodriguez got the 30 pitch, four out save, but damn.  Francisco, Frankie, K-Rod, whatever you prefer…can you please not do that again anytime soon?  Most Mets fans want to enjoy baseball again, and this brought back way too many bad memories.  We don’t like drama; we had enough of that last year, with one Greek tragedy after another.  We’re looking for boring; a nice documentary would work wonders in the 9th.  We want to love you, and we probably will, but we need some help getting to love baseball again, and some boring work in the later innings would go along way towards that.  Thanks dude.

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  1. tjv101 says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. First off it was a long game! More than 4 hours long as both Pelf and Volquez weren’t very effective with neither making it past 5 innings. You would figure a 5 run cushion would be enough of a lead after game 1 it was a 1 run lead for the last 3 1/3. That was an awful call by the umpire and I was ready to snap. It took me a while to calm down and actually fall asleep after this game which I didn’t think would happen this early. I had enough of that last season. The one thing we should remember about K-Rod though is his 9th innings aren’t usually 1-2-3. He showed that 1st hand enough. Enough with that breaking ball! But the main thing is they got it done and have a chance to sweep this series today. Their core got it done (Reyes, Wright, Beltran, and Delgado) which is certainly a good thing. Hopefully this is a good thing of signs to come.

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