The Mets Open up at Citi Field Their First Big Game

After the Mets had dropped 3 of their last 4 games (all on the road), it is safe to say that the Met players and Met fans all were looking forward to coming home and this was a BIG GAME. The Mets brought out all the bells and whistles to open up Citi Field. They brought back stars like Darryl Strawberry, Doc Gooden, Rusty Staub, and John Franco. They also brought back the tandem of Mike Piazza and Tom Seaver to throw out the first pitch just as they did to close out Shea Stadium last September. There was excitement at the ballpark and for those watching at home (or at the bowling alley). But it all came crashing down…quick…in typical Mets fashion.

 Mike Pelfrey was once again ineffective giving up 5 runs in 5 innings and giving up a leadoff homerun to obscure Jody Gerut on the third pitch of the game. Granted, the Mets did make a comeback when David Wright cracked a 3-2 pitch off of ex-Mexican league starter Walter Silva over the left field wall tying the game and making the 41,000+ in attendance shake the new foundation. But in typical Mets fashion, they could not finish the job as ex-Mets Duaner Sanchez (whose Met uniform could still be in the laundry its been so quick) held on in the 8th inning and Heath Bell closed them out in the 9th. A fitting end to a team that really can not win the big game.

 This game angered me in a lot of ways. The ineffectiveness of Pelfrey (again), the balk by Feliciano after he got 2 outs with a man on third, and the dropped ball by Mr. Concussion 2008- Ryan Church. This was a nationally televised game on ESPN. Heck, they even held Baseball Tonite there after the game. I am sure Steve Phillips was laughing to himself no matter what (fake) good things has to say about the Mets. This is a game you have to win. This is the San Diego Padres 2009. Not San Diego Padress 1998. I don’t care what their record says (6-2 if you were asking) but they stink. Beyond Jake Peavy and Adrian Gonzalez they are nothing and yet they are the ones celebrating after the game. Sound strikingly familiar? Yes, because the Padres looked a lot like the Marlins did the last 2 seasons…raining on the Mets parades in a historic game.

 There were some good things to take from this game. Reyes tried to leg a single to center field into a double and would have been safe provided he could have put the brakes on the jets a second sooner. I liked that Wright, who has been heavily criticized the first week of the season (yours truly no exception), hit a huge 3 run clutch HR and made the place erupt- the first Met regular season HR of Citi Field. I was again impressed with Putz and K-Rod who really seem to be the only 2 guys in the bullpen that can get outs provided they can actually get a lead.


So for all the excitement that this new ballpark brought to Met fans last nite with the singing of the National Anthem by the cast of West Side Story, the first pitch by Seaver (a strike I might add) to Piazza, the glamour of past Met greats in attendance, and the feeling of a sold out crowd in attendance; it all went to nothing as this team once again showed you that they can not win the BIG GAME.

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  1. Joeadig says:

    The only plus to take from last night is watching the game with a good friend. You know anything about that, Trav?

  2. Chris Wilcox says:

    I know it’s easy to be negative after the way this first week has gone, and I’m guilty of negativity myself. But I received a text message from a friend last night who has seen a silver lining; so far, the Mets have lost three games by one run because of an outfield error, a bloop, and a balk. Considering it’s still April, I think we can accept a little bit of sloppiness this early, as long as it doesn’t carry over, right? Try not to lose sight of the fact that this is still a really good team that has found odd ways to lose games so far this season; eventually, this team is too good to keep doing this. Just try to stay upbeat.

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