It’s been seven games, guys

Mets fans are not taking this mediocre start well.  I guess after last year’s poor start, and after the way the last two years have ended, it is somewhat understandable, but it seems that the overreaction to this poor start is even worse than in years past.  This morning, MetsBlog posted a note from the New York Post that Omar Minaya will have some payroll flexibility this season to make an acquisition should he need to do so (probably at the trading deadline), along with a list of players who may be available at the trade deadline.  So what’s the topic of conversation on my way to work today on WFAN?  Joe Beningo and Evan Roberts discussing ways for the Mets to bring Roy Halladay to New York!

I mean, can we please relax for a minute?  Not even bringing up the reasons why a Roy Halladay trade is unrealistic (the Mets won’t take on that much salary, it would require completely emptying the farm system to acquire him, he’s 32 years old and about to leave his prime, etc)…I mean, it’s only April guys.  I alluded to this in Travis’ post below, but we’ve played 7 games.  That’s like 4.3% of the schedule so far.  That’s absolutely nothing.  Would I like to see them with a better record?  Sure, but…I mean, as I mentioned yesterday, 3 of their 4 losses came on an outfield error, a bloop, and a balk.  Is this anything to get upset about?  Is that anything to worry about?  No.

The most underperforming players on the team so far have been Mike Pelfrey (who has forearm tendinitis) and Oliver Perez (who is Oliver Perez).  Everybody else is playing mostly well.  The problem has been the fickle hand of luck so far, which should solve itself over the remaining 155 games.  The Mets will surely win more than a few games they did not deserve to win, much as they lost a few games early on that they probably did not deserve to lose.  Everybody needs to settle down and relax and try to keep the season in perspective.  This is a good team, and things are going to be fine.  They do not have to trade the entire farm system, plus their starting left fielder, to acquire Roy Halladay, even if he would be a nice addition to the team.  Just relax.

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  1. tjv101 says:

    Talks of Doc Halladay being traded from the Jays before the trade deadline are simply that…just talks. We all knew from the start of this season that the Mets pitching staff (after Santana) is a bit questionable. So far we have seen one good start from Ollie and one awful one. We’ve seen pretty awful stuff with Pelfrey this far (who in his defense claims forearm tendinitis). Livan pitched pretty good against a free-swinging Florida team. Maine’s one start was pretty good. His fastball appeared lively and he pitched pretty decently albeit for 5 innings. I agree with you that it is too early to start getting panicky after a week of games. I think the Mets will bounce back and get in some nice grooves during the course of the season. I believe that Minaya’s comment about having extra payroll money is to just motivate his current staff to pitch better.

  2. Chris Wilcox says:

    I think other fans are just blowing the payroll money out of proportion. It probably means getting another low-cost high reward guy like Sheffield more than it means getting a premier pitcher like Peavy or Halladay. The Wilpons are not paying the luxury tax, and adding a big name player would put them safely over the luxury tax threshold.

    Anyway, I haven’t been as concerned about starting pitching as others have, because Pelfrey, Maine, and Ollie have had good seasons in the majors within the last two years, and none of them are particularly old, so there is no reason to think that they can’t perform in the majors, health permitting. The question mark in this rotation is Livan, and after one start (and granted, it’s only one start) he doesn’t look quite as awful as he did last year. If Big Pelf’s tendinits is still a problem in May or June, or if Maine’s injury issues flare up again, or if Bad Ollie has made more appearances than Good Ollie, or if Livan Hernandez goes back to being Livan Hernandez…I will worry then. Until I’m given reason to worry, I will expect that our pitchers can get the job done.

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