April Showers

We’ve all heard the old adage “April Showers bring May flowers.” The hope is that all the damp, dreary, and awful weather brings out beautiful flowers soon after. Truth is, it is April and it sure seems like it rains a lot…and if your a Met fan, its absolutely pouring out! All of us just hope for better weather for the Mets. Right now, the Mets can’t get out of their own way this month and stand at a putrid 6-8 to start the season. The Nationals can’t get here soon enough!

Last night, John Maine was awful…again. He allowed 5 runs and left the game down 5-1. He walked 5 batters (three of them scoring runs). He left with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 6th inning and two outs and if Casey Fossum didn’t get a groundout, it would have been much worse for Maine. Right now the Mets 2-4 starters E.R.A. are pretty awful. Mike Pelfrey’s E.R.A. is 8.10 (thats our #2 folks), Ollie Perez E.R.A. is 7.80, and John Maine is sporting a 7.47 E.R.A.  Now you know why this team is 6-8 and in an evident tailspin. It angers me (more than usual) watching these games especially last night. The Mets once again had chances with RISP and only managed to score a total of 2 runs against Joel Piniero and nearly allowed him to pitch a complete game. Last I checked Joel Piniero s not Tim Lincecum. There is no reason whatsover this team could not manage a hit from the 4th inning to the 9th. If you were a sucker like me, you actually hung on the whole time and watched the entire game. The Mets made is somewhat interesting in the 9th when Wright hit a leadoff double. Delgado then grounded out. Beltran singled allowing Wright to score and now its 5-2. Church then popped up. Now is where I play Monday morning quarterbacking because the Mets should have pinch hit Jeremy Reed for Castro and hoped he would have gotten on base to give Sheff a chance to tie the game. Instead Jerry uses Sheff to bat with Beltran on to face closer Ryan Franklin. Sheff, at best, could have made it 5-4. Instead, he grounds out softly to end the game. Another Met loss, another Met fan second-guessining Jerry’s moves. Another Met fan staring out the window wondering when the rain will stop

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  1. Joeadig says:

    nicely put, tjv101. nicely put.

    they’ve played 14 games and I already feel like the season is lost. I know that’s absurd, but I just can’t shake the feeling that this team, for some unidentifiable reason, won’t be able to put it together.

    For the past year, every time something has gone wrong I’ve thought to myself, “imagine how much worse it would be if the Mets had signed Barry Zito (like I wanted them to do).” Well, Zito just threw a shutout!!! (Don’t get me wrong– I’m trilled the Mets “missed out” on him; I just wish I still have that to excuse to fall back on.)

  2. Chris Wilcox says:

    Guys, please relax. It’s been 15 games. The ‘86 Mets had stretches where they would lose 9 of 16 or whatever, and they went on to win 108 games. Obviously, this Mets team is not going to win 108 games, both because they aren’t that good and the rest of the league is better. But it’s crazy to overreact to a bad run this early in the season. There is so much baseball left to be played, 147 games remaining. It hasn’t been a good run, but unless the careers of John Maine, Oliver Perez, and Mike Pelfrey are now suddenly horrible pitchers (and recent history says that they are not), they will be better. Heck, last year’s team was at various points seven games under .500, and they came storming back to make the NL East a real race, one they had an honest to God chance to win.

    If we’re into the month of May, and Ollie, Maine, and Big Pelf still haven’t figured their games out yet, then we should worry. But right now, the team is hitting (and their hitting with runners in scoring position will get better, it’s hard to believe that a team that is otherwise hitting extremely well will continue to fail to score runners from second and third at this pace for an entire season), the bullpen has been better, and Johan has been an absolute force of nature. It’s far too soon to think this team won’t get it together, they’ve been the victim of a lot of bad luck so far that is bound to improve.

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