Everybody go read this

Rob Neyer pretty much sums up my feelings on this.  It feels like Mets fans keep thinking the sky is falling because of what comes down to one bad series against the Cardinals.  It hasn’t been great so far, but even good teams will have 6-9 stretches over the course of 162 games.  If Ollie, Maine, and Big Pelf have suddenly lost their ability to pitch in the majors simultaneously, that’s a problem, but the odds of all three of them becoming terrible major league pitchers this quickly is long.  The important thing, as Rob Neyer says, is to NOT PANIC.

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  1. tjv101 says:

    This team should panic because like our friend Joe, I am panic-ing. This team has been walking on eggshells all season already picking up right where they have the last two septembers. I agree that Perez shouldn’t have been picked up and Lowe would have been better, but the Mets were cheap. Plain and simple.

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