Shut the hell up Steve Phillips

OK, this is a short post, but I can’t take it anymore.  I thought bad announcing reached a new low with Eric Karros on the FOX Game of the Week yesterday, but Steve Phillips’ continued character assassination on Carlos Beltran has become too much to bear.  Are you upset, Steve, that Beltran has worked out better than every single free agent signing you’ve ever made?  Are you upset that Omar Minaya picked up a great player, who hits for power, gets on base, and plays a great defensive center field?  Would you prefer that the Mets start Timo Perez out there?  Tsuyoshi Shinjo?

I don’t need to defend Beltran’s record, because it speaks for itself, but I can’t take listening to Steve Phillips complaining about a few small issues with Beltran’s game, when he’s been so great in 2009, a legitimate NL MVP candidate.  Congratulations, Steve, you have been so utterly stupid, you made Joe Morgan into the voice of reason in the ESPN booth, a man so bad at his job, a website called was once prominent on the internet.  You have made Eric Karros sound like Vin Scully by comparison.  Can we please get Gary, Keith, and Ron back as soon as possible?  Please?

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  1. tjv101 says:

    Phillips is out of his mind…especially for wanting to break up “the core.” He is insane for showing Beltran’s mistakes over the years with the Mets. Of course, we all want to forget Game 7 of the NLCS in 2006 where he struck out looking off Wainwright, must he re-hash it? I couldn’t agree with you more that this guy is playing incredible this year and a legit NL MVP candidate. Has he seen Beltran’s batting average? At least for once Joe Morgan defended “the core” by saying he would not break it up. He is utterly insane though for saying Wright is his vote for MVP. A week ago, he was being boo’d out of the stadium and in the worst slump of his career. Phillips annoys me and all Met fans alike. F him!

  2. Chris Wilcox says:

    C’mon, “worst slump of his career”? He was hitting .275/.370/.400 or whatever it was. He wasn’t playing great, but it was pretty far from the worst slump of his career, and he’s been on absolute fire since the start of May.

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