Vote Pablo Sandoval for the All Star Game

Okay, so this is pretty much a lost season for the Mets.  I can accept this.  Their stars are hurt, they have no timetable for a return, the replacements are sub-replacement player across the board, and the other players expected to make contributions for the Mets…they suck.  Fine.  Not happy about it, but…you know, it is what it is.

But one thing I can’t stand the thought of is Shane Victorino playing in an All Star game.  First of all, he’s not that good.  Literally every other player on the ballot is better than he is.  Secondly, Shane Victorino is an asshole.  There’s his obnoxious feud with Jose Reyes, his grandstanding and showboating during games (and he gives Reyes crap for this? Really?) and there’s the game where he ran straight into Reyes in order to draw an interference call.  Basically, Shane Victorino to me is the worst of all Phillies.

And now?  There’s this open campaign he’s running to get voted into the All Star game.  Read about it here, here, and here.  Or, better yet, don’t.  Like I said, he’s an asshole, and people who like Shane Victorino are also assholes (i.e. they are Phillies fans).  Right now, Victorino is in second place behind Kung Fu Panda, Pablo Sandoval.  But the Phillies internet community is trying to drum up support to get him voted in, and with all of the other indignities Mets fans have suffered so far, and others perhaps to come (such as the Phillies acquiring Pedro Martinez or Roy Halladay), I simply cannot allow this to happen.

I should point out that I don’t even think Sandoval is the most deserving player on there.  Matt Kemp (who is strangely batting 8th for the Dodgers despite being probably their best or second best hitter this season) and Mark Reynolds are probably more deserving representatives.  I don’t care.  Sandoval is in the lead, and I don’t have time to drum up support to push Victorino into third…we just need to keep him out of the game, and if that means throwing support behind a less deserving candidate than others, so be it.  Sandoval still belongs over Victorino anyway.  Plus, Sandoval is not an asshole.

So VOTE FOR PABLO!  Go to and voted repeatedly for Pablo Sandoval and…I don’t know, some AL guy.  I’m voting for Brandon Inge, personally, because I like Inge a lot.  But we can stop Victorino before it’s too late.  I could handle this if it were Jayson Werth on the ballot, he’s had a really terrific year and belongs in the All Star game…but Shane Victorino sucks, and like I said, he’s an asshole.  Let’s try to make this year’s All Star Game as asshole-free as possible.

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  1. tjv101 says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Reynolds and Kemp are much more deserving as is Sandoval, whose helped catapult his team to a lead in the Wild Card. I hate Victorino but the Mets fans are so upset right now that they have given up on baseball-related activities such as voting for all-stars which explains why Victorino got the last spot.

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