Mets continue to get worse, trade Ryan Church for Jeff Francouer

And of course, the dumbest guy on MetsBlog (and that’s saying something) loves the trade.  This is an awful, awful trade for the Mets.  A disaster on every level.  Ryan Church has been outperforming Jeff Francouer on every possible level this year.  His slash stats (.280/.332/.375/.707) destroy Frenchy’s (.250/.282/.352/.634), meaning the Mets have added another corner outfielder who isn’t OPSing north of .700.  Church had been the only 2009 Met with a positive UZR ranking (a defensive stat that includes range, arm and other factors) at 1.8; Francouer checks in at 0.6.  Francouer’s wOBA checks in at .282, his WAR at -0.6; Church’s wOBA was .310 and WAR was 0.4, making him a full win better than Francouer (for a more detailed explanation on the stats I’m mentioning that you may not understand, go here for an explanation, this is something all Mets fans should read).  Church was the best defensive option in CF until Beltran returns, if he returns; now, the team will have to start Angel Pagan in CF and hope he stays healthy.

The only thing you can say for this trade is that the Mets got younger, but Francouer was a better player four years ago than he is now; he has been trending downwardly severely since 2006.  He doesn’t draw walks, he doesn’t hit for power, he doesn’t add anything defensively…this is exactly the type of player the Mets should not be looking to add, especially at the expense of a player who is a real asset to this team.  I can’t understand why the Mets would think picking Francouer up would be a good move.  I am now firmly on the “Minaya needs to go” bandwagon after this one, this is an inexusably horrendous trade.  This trade is, simply put, to quote Mr. Mike Francesa, an uttah disastah.

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  1. Joeadig says:

    So, this team sucks. Big time. They have less depth than Paris Hilton. Will you finally admit to me that Omar should have been fired a long time ago? He’s done nothing but big moves and has given the team absolutely zero to fall back on. Just watch: he’ll go after Mall Holliday in the offseason, which will do nothing but make this team even worse.

  2. tjv101 says:

    Let’s be honest here, the Mets did this trade because no one really cared about Ryan Church (especially Jerry Manual). Well that and the Mets were flailing…quickly. Before their road trip to Philly a few weeks ago on July 3rd, this team was a game out of the division lead with all its injuries. Since then they are 2-6. They needed to do something since this current lineup wasn’t doing a thing. You all must remember the Mets are all about trying to catch a flash of lightning in a bottle. They did it this year already with Shef and now they are looking for the same from Francouer. They are hoping they can get the 100 RBI production and 20 HR’s that he did in Atlanta in 2006 and 2007. He’s still got a canon of an arm and he’s young so there is still hope. They needed to do something.

  3. Chris Wilcox says:

    I still think you can’t hold the big moves against him, because the Beltran signing was something that helped bump this team up a level, and the Johan trade helped them maintain that level. He absolutely deserves credit for those moves. That said, he has utterly failed at building a team around his core (Beltran, Wright, Reyes, and Johan) which was apparent when two of those guys (plus Delgado, a key support cog) went down. The Putz trade has completely blown up in his face, I’m still not a fan of the K-Rod signing (he’s been good, but he is overpaid), and this team is dangerously thin in depth, to the point where Angel Pagan is currently the team’s center fielder and leadoff hitter, with no real backup plan should he get hurt again.

    I don’t think they’re going to go after Matt Holliday, if only because I think LF is Fernando Martinez’s spot to lose after this season. That said, I don’t really have a problem if they do go after a big name free agent this year, because they have money to spend and at the rate they’re going, they won’t lose their first round pick to sign a player because they’re going to finish with a high enough first rounder to where it would be protected.

    As for Travis, that’s some real wishful thinking. Church isn’t anything special, I will readily admit to this. But he was probably at worst the third best position player on the team, a guy who isn’t slugging the ball and has a low on-base percentage, but was the best outfield defender on the team. Francoeur’s arm is not better than Church’s, according to the numbers, and he lacks Church’s range. Add that to the fact that Church has been a better hitter this season, and it’s a no-brainer; Francoeur does not make this team better now.

    I guess there’s a small chance Francoeur gets better, but in his last 976 plate appearances (not a small sample size), his slash stats are .243/.290/.357/647. That is bad for a middle infielder or a catcher, and it is appallingly bad for a corner outfielder. It’s not even that he doesn’t walk, he’s not making contact and he stopped hitting for power (76 XBH’s in that span). It’s not a trade for upside, because Jeff Francoeur doesn’t have any upside. It’s a trade for a terrible player who quite demonstratively makes the team worse for both this season and next season. My prediction: he will be the team’s most hated player by season’s end, and by the time the team decides to non-tender him after next year, he will vie for the title of most hated player in team history. He’s just not good. Making a trade just because of a need to “change things around” does not mean the team will be better, and can in fact become even worse.

  4. tjv101 says:

    I am not saying the trade was good. But what other reason for them doing it is to change things around because this team (even with Church) was stale. Those stats you gave of Francoeur are awful. How do you have that bad of a 2008 and start of 2009 after 2 solid seasons of 20 100RBI ? I will never know. Either way, I am not gonna lose sleep about seeing Church go bye-bye neither will most Mets fans. I hope Francoeur can give us something this year in the 6th hole when the rest of the team comes back.

  5. brian mcnamee says:

    Sorry, Gang Orange…But it’s no longer about ‘this year.’
    The Cavalry is not going to ride in all together come
    Aug 1 and save the team.

    Los Mets are going to be sellers this trade season.

    Jose Reyes (who may be the most over-rated Met since
    Steady Eddie Kranepool) is out until late August…
    Beltran and Delgado will not be back this year at all, and
    could be calling it a career due to their respective injuries.

    Look for Omar to deal Tatis, Reed, Cora, Wagner (even before
    he makes his come-back) plus one of the skinny white guys
    (Murphy and Evans) before the deadline…

    This’ll help re-load the minors, sure…But what we really
    need is a change in Management…Omar will be fired this
    off-season, and some sort of Theo Epstein-light will be hired.

    The Mets will be also-rans for 2 or 3 more seasons…And we’ll
    continue to watch each night–eagerly awaiting only David
    Wright’s next plate appearance, and cursing Oliver Perez
    and his 36 million dollar contract (and Bernie Madoff’s larceny
    of Wilpon’s 800 million dollar fortune).

    Sorry to be the harsh voice of reality.


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