Carlos Delgado excited about World Baseball Classic

And so am I. I mean, I’m seeing USA vs South Africa, man! South Africa! Actually, I do think the tournament will be interesting, as US should be very good, the Domincan’s lineup is killer, Puerto Rico’s team is pretty well rounded, Japan fields a pretty good team, Venezuela should be formidable, Cuba is a great unknown, but has the tradition and experience in international competition, and even teams like Mexico and Canada won’t be pushovers at all. Even Italy has its share of major leaguers, including Mike Piazza, thanks to Americans with Italian bloodlines, and hey, the Netherlands has Andruw Jones. To say the US is a favorite is not a lock at all; I’m not sure anybody can compete with the lineup the Dominican will put out there. The competition should be very good; it’s just that the particular game I will be watching will not be very good at all. Anyway, I’ll be watching the WBC, and if you’re a baseball fan, I’m sure you will be too.

And the point of all this is…Carlos Delgado gave a press conference pumping up the World Baseball Classic. He said it shouldn’t be an issue, missing time in Mets camp because of the WBC, and I agree. 1) Puerto Rico’s camp is in Port St. Lucie, so it’s not like he’ll be that far away from the center of the action, and 2) Baseball is not a team-oriented sport, especially if you’re a first baseman. All this means is that Delgado will need a few more weeks to get used to the throws coming from Wright, Reyes, and whomever plays second. It shouldn’t have an effect on his hitting at all, and it won’t affect him on a personal level. Heck, most of the people that would have been in camp at that point are minor leaguers who won’t be on the team when it breaks camp. Most of the players left by the time the WBC ends will be the guys who he plays with in New York, so…I don’t think it will matter at all for him. It will just take him a little longer to remember the Assistant Equipment Manager’s name. For audio of Delgado’s conference call, click here.

With not a lot else out there, I’ll do what I always do on a slow news day – link to Today we link to Matt Gelb’s 10 Questions about Spring Training article. With us only about two weeks from pitchers and catchers reporting, I thought now would be a great time to link to that. I am as excited as anybody about Spring Training, mostly because we’re only about two weeks away from having things to link to daily. I can’t wait. With so much going on this spring, I’m sure we’ll have a ton of good stuff going up every day. Matt talks a lot about the bullpen issues surrounding the team, but it’s a good read and I highly encourage you to read it. More tomorrow.

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