2009 in graphic form

Nothing better sums up the 2009 Mets season than this picture.  Brilliant.

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  1. brian mcnamee says:

    Because of the overwhelming injuries the team suffered this year, we have exposed a glaring weakness : our complete lack of talent in the upper minor league system (eg: the Buffalo Bisons finished dead last in the international league)…Our system produced such stand-outs as Daniel Murphy, Nick Evans, Bobby Parnell, John Neise, Omir Santos, etc etc…
    We were forced to bring ‘em up and plug ‘em in the line-up, but now
    sadly, we’re just about stuck with these un-tradeable players…They’re simply not that good…Please avoid drinking from the Kool-aid on this one; Murphy is a 260 hitter–period, and a liability in the field, and on the basepath (Thole May be the exception, but it is far too early for enshrinement to Cooperstown)…

    However, the Mets will get to trade Luis Castillo this winter. He’s having his best season since his 20’s, (and he’ll never be this good again)…Someone will bite (there has to be ONE gm dumber than Omar Minaya)…Trade him now, while his stats are high (this will mask the high price tag)…We might wanna package Castillo, Murphy and a pitcher (maybe even Pelfrey) to land a big bat (like Mauer or Morneau from the Twins)…This way Minny’d get three players for 10 mill (the majority of it from Luis’ contract), and we’d dump 2 guys who are never going to amount to anything (and one guy who already has seen his best years).

    We lucked out already recently by shipping off Lastings Milledge and
    Carlos Gomez before anyone noticed how average they are (even Mets fans bought the hype while hemming and hawing over Gomez for Santana)…But dishing the likes of Murphy, Evans, et al is going to be a challenge…260 hitters are typically the player-to-be-named later in winter trades, not the main attraction.

    In the meantime, the Mets have to plump up the minor league teams with real talent…It may begin in Brooklyn where the Cyclones have 4 pitchers
    (Cohoon, Moore, Fuller and McHugh) who combined, have a 2.50 era and average about 1 strikeout per inning pitched.

    Well, fans, it’s football season…Gotta run and get my Jets jersey outta the hamper for this weekend’s tilt against the Pats.

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