Short Super Bowl Sunday update

Hello and a happy Super Bowl Sunday to all readers of Miracle Mets. I think the football fans are going to be in for an exciting game tonight, one I am eager to watch for sure. I’ll hit you with my pick at the end of today’s update, but first, some stuff for you to enjoy.

I love this headline from the New York Times. “Mets Sign A Cuban.” Well, I guess they couldn’t really say “Mets Sign Abreu,” since that would be misleading. But how long did it take for them to think of that headline for the Mets’ signing of Michael Abreu?

Anyway, the Mets signed Michael Abreu. He’s a big guy, about 6′3″, 220-230 pounds (depends on which article you read) and he hits for power, having led Cuba in homers four seasons straight. He’s also listed as being 31 years old, which means he’s actually about 35, and the Mets already have two older gentlemen playing first base, so it would appear as though he will spend the majority of this contract in the minors. Still, it will be interesting to follow his progress during spring, as he should get some at-bats with Delgado playing for Puerto Rico during the World Baseball Classic. And in one final note: I’m pretty sure I’ve sat in the seat where the Post picture seen in that article was taken.

And, if you scroll down past the Yankees stuff you’ll see that the Mets have interest in Jose Contreras, but a deal isn’t expected to get completed because the Mets don’t have the young pitching the White Sox would like in return. Well, that certainly is unfortunate, because Contreras played so well in New York before. But there ya go, Omar likes Contreras, but can’t get him. Not much, but two weeks before Spring Training, that qualifies as news.

And my Super Bowl Prediction? Seahawks 27, Steelers 24. Seattle’s offensive line is good enough to control the Steelers’ blitz, giving time for Hasselbeck to throw and make plays. In fact, let’s make Hasselbeck the MVP, even though the real MVP of the game (and of the Seahawks season) is Walter Jones. Back with more on the morrow.

4 Responses to “Short Super Bowl Sunday update”

  1. Joeadig says:

    I think that if you ever mention football in this blog again I will boycot the site.

    As for Abreau, I predict that he will be a star for the Mets in the near future. Just wait. I’ve never been wrong about anyone. Ever.

  2. Cox says:

    You will not. You love this site too much to ever leave us.

    And as much as I’d like to think that Abreu may one day become a star on the Mets, I just don’t see an opening for him to do so. The Mets already have a logjam of first basemen. He may be a star for the Norfolk Tides, but I don’t see him becoming a Mets star.

  3. Travis says:

    Don’t you know by know not to make any predictions. The complete opposite always happens and it did last nite. Hasselback did play a lot better than Big Ben though. Ok, thats enough football talk till next Super bowl.

    Just what the Mets need…another first baseman. It can’t hurt getting the Cuban Kaz Matsui to play first base anyway.

  4. Cox says:

    Now, now…it’s definitely WAY too premature to call Michael Abreu the Cuban Kaz Matsui. For one thing, Abreu was signed to a one-year minor league deal, not a three year, $24 million contract. For another thing, Michael Abreu will not be nearly as awesome as Kaz Matsui is going to be this year.

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