Piazza to wear #33

And yes, that headline should tell you how slow of a news day it is today. Mike Piazza was introduced to Padres fans yesterday, and seemed very non-committal towards playing past this season. You know, I have to think that this may be the end of the line for Mike. He had very little interest throughout most of the free agency period, and signed for only $2 million, which is a steep paycut from what he made last year. Plus, playing at Petco will not help that decline at all, though he should get the two homers he needs for 400. Still, I consider myself a Piazza fan, and I’ll be rooting for him, even as a Padre, this season.

The Mets are doing something special this August 19th. They are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the greatest baseball team to ever play the game during a ceremony before a game against the Rockies. I guess the team figured their best chance of emulating their success from 1986 would be to play the Colorado Rockies. Anyway, they have invited all of the members from the ‘86 Mets to make an appearance at that game. Man, I so want to go to that game. I’m just glad that the team is embracing that championship year so much, between that, the hiring of several Mets from that team all over the organization, and the 20th anniversary DVD that’s coming out. I just hope that this video is a DVD Easter Egg on the World Series DVD. If you only click on one link that I am posting today, click on the video link. Trust me…you will not be disappointed.

Hey, Benjie Molina. You’re an idiot. You turned down three years, $18 million from the Mets so you could sign a one year, $5 million contract with the Blue Jays. The rumor was that Molina was looking to sign for about $8 million a year, but underestimated the market for catchers, or was thinking that Omar Minaya’s bank roll was unlimited. I guess he was wrong. By the way, shouldn’t the Mets’ catching situation end all discussion once and for all about the Mets’ hiring practices? The top two free agents on the open market were both Latinos. Omar could have very easily signed either one, but he instead trades for the Italian guy. I mean, it was already a ridiculous statement to make, but…yeah, a lot of sports talk guys in New York are really dumb. Maybe they’re like that everywhere.

Want to read about what other Mets fans want to see in the new ballpark? Mets Guy in Michigan and Faith and Fear in Flushing both give very good ideas. I am kind of alarmed that the fans haven’t really been shown anything recent in terms of new ballpark ideas. The last thing I can remember seeing was the ballpark designs from 1999. I am guessing those have probably been altered at least a little. I was going to write my own column detailing what I’d like to see, but I have nothing unique or original, and besides, the new Mets park will probably wind up looking like all the rest of the new ball parks, only blue and orange. So what’s the use? But if you have any ideas for the new Mets park, leave ‘em in feedback, I’d be interested in reading your ideas.

Finally, as I posted yesterday, I am looking for 1-3 fantasy baseball owners for a head-to-head, points-based fantasy baseball league for the upcoming season. Entry fee is $40. If you are interested, I will send you a copy of the rulebook. E-Mail me at MiracleMets@optonline.net if interested.

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