The (enjoyable) demise of Steve Phillips

As a Mets fan when you hear a story like this, you have to chuckle. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few days, I am sure most of you have heard that 46 yr old former Mets GM and current ESPN baseball analyst is in some hot water…more than he is with Mets fans due to his cheating ways. According to several media outlets, Phillips had an affair with a 22 yr old production assistant on ESPN over this past summer. Phillips, who consistently takes digs at the Mets organizations and its fans (as if he was fired for no reason) on his broadcasts got his “just desserts” when the young female pulled a “Fatal Attraction” on him. Reports are that the female hand-delivered a letter to Phillips wife at his ritzy Wilton, Connecticut home describing the affair, comments about Phillips children, and even Phillips anatomy. (This story would’ve gotten better only if she described how inadequate he is but I digress). Among the craziness done on to the Phillips family, the mistress Brooke Hundley, accessed Phillips son’s facebook page, texted, and phone his wife repeatedly saying both can’t be with him (is he that great?) and even crashed her car after delivering the letter. Phillips, who was canned from the Mets in 2003 has a history of cheating. In 1998, he was cited for having an affair with Mets employee Rosa Rodriguez and took a week long absence then while paying her off a handsome sum. ESPN has apparently done the same by suspending him for a week. If I was a guessing man, I would surmise that Phillips will be receiving a permenant suspension from his wife! F you Steve Phillips, what goes around comes around!

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