No News Is Bad News, All News Is Bad News

Words can’t adequately express the abysmal feeling of impending doom within me when considering the Mets potential off-season transactions.  A look at some recent news stories reveals why.

Milwaukee Brewers claim George Kottaras off waivers from the Boston Red Sox

Kottaras is a 26-year old catcher with a career .269/.367/.444 minor league slash line. He passed through American League waivers and made onto the National League wire. The Mets, with one of the worst records in baseball, had waiver priority over the Milwaukee Brewers. THERE IS NO REASON WHY YOU DON’T CLAIM GEORGE KOTTARAS. The team’s 40-man roster is at 36. Do you need those four spots? Cut Pat Misch, Tim Redding, Arturo Lopez or Cory Sullivan.  They’re a dime a dozen.

The Mets don’t have a viable major league catcher on the roster.  The catching depth in the upper minors behind Josh Thole is thin. Free agent catchers Yorvit Torrealba, Rod Barajas and Bengie Molina are less than desirable. The Brewers needed a catcher and sought an opportunity to upgrade their roster for free, while the Mets were consumed with trotting Wally Backman around New York City.

Also victimized by Omar Minaya’s disdain for false hustle was Adam Bostick. He became a six-year minor league free agent last week. Did I mention Pat Misch still has a job?  Toby Hyde discusses more roster senselessness here.

Omar Minaya plans to scout Carlos Delgado’s rehab in Puerto Rico

There’s nothing wrong with showing Delgado a little courtesy by paying lip service to the idea of retaining him, but to actually consider it is bordering on lunacy. As a matter of fact, it is lunacy. How else would you classify an utter refusal to learn from your past mistakes?

Delgado was with the Mets for four seasons. While two of them were quite good, the other two were completely savaged by injury. The Mets should understand the risk in relying on Delgado intimately. More importantly, Delgado will be 38 in 2010. In the recent past, the Mets have relied on aged veterans Pedro Martinez, Orlando Hernandez, Billy Wagner and Moises Alou only to watch entire seasons blow up in their face because of it.

The Mets are looking to bring back Alex Cora.

Ted Berg broached the topic fabulously. So did Fire Jerry Manuel. And Joe Janish did as well.

Simply put, Alex Cora isn’t good. At this point, he plays shortstop like Luis Castillo plays second base.  He can’t hit — he’s never been able to — and he’s 34 years old. All told, the total package worth $400,000 on the open market cost the team two million dollars last season.

In related news, all-time, all-world defensive shortstop Omar Vizquel signed a one million dollar contract with the Chicago White Sox.

 Jose Guillen.

The shear absurdity of this rumor was thoroughly panned by good friend James Kannengieser at Amazin Avenue. 

There’s not much to add, except this: Adam Rubin, regardless of what anyone thinks of him, generally has good information. The idea of Guillen even being discussed within the organization is an indictment of this team’s decision making process.

Next season, Jayson Werth and Raul Ibanez will man the corner outfield positions for the Philadelphia Phillies; Manny Ramirez and Andre Ethier for the Los Angeles Dodgers; Seth Smith and Carlos Gonzalez for the Colorado Rockies. Try saying “Jose Guillen and Jeff Francoeur” in the same breath without laughing.

And the Mets would fancy themselves a contender too.

4 Responses to “No News Is Bad News, All News Is Bad News”

  1. tjv101 says:

    Truthfully, as old of a dog as Delgado is I’d rather take my chances with him at 1B next season than Daniel Murphy platooning with some schmo. Ideally, I would rather see the Mets look for a trade for Adrian Gonzalez, Prince Fielder, or even as some speculate Derrek Lee. I also don’t think Delgado will seek a big contract if the Mets do try to bring him back. My guess is 1 year $5-7 million after an injury ridden season for the aging first baseman. But again, he’s not my first choice. They need to get younger at that position. The Moises Alou option had to be picked up because he tore the cover off the ball when he was on the diamond. I believe he hit around .350 and had a 30 game hit streak going on when he got hurt in 07. His option was pretty reasonable and a shot in the dark so I don’t fault them for that no matter how old he is. You can make a case for every player you named but thats the story of baseball. Jose Guillen rumors are I hope just that. The Mets ownership knows what they need to address this offseason because their fans and the media will not let them forget it (#2 starter, left fielder, catcher, and bullpen help…and the icing on the cake would be a viable 1B and a trade for Castillo).

  2. Chris Wilcox says:

    I don’t know about Delgado, he’s been hurt a lot, he’s turning 38, and he probably can’t play a credible first base anymore. I thought after 2008 that Delgado’s second half was his last hurrah, and even though he played well when he wasn’t hurt this year, I’m not sure I’d want to give him $5-7 million for another season, especially since he probably won’t take it well if the team decides to put Ike Davis at first should Delgado struggle. It is probably time to wish Delgado well and let him move to the AL where he can DH.

    By the way Travis, I do find it interesting that you feel like the Mets need to get younger at first base, but are in favor of trading Ike Davis to get something else. Davis is young and would make the major league minimum when called up, why not wait out Davis if you want the team to get younger?

  3. astromets says:

    Wow I was thinking the same thing when I saw Kottaras and Vizquel in the news recently! Maybe we are holding out hope that Jason Phillips can return and hit at the level he did when he was first called up?

    With all the attention being paid to Backman and redesigning Citi lately, it seems like the baseball people care more about fixing the image of the Mets than the product.

  4. TJV, they might know what they need to address, but it’s pretty clear that they have no idea how to go about actually improving the team. Elmer Dessens, Alex Cora and Bengie Molina are not upgrades.

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