Catcher carousel

A newspaper in Fargo, North Dakota reported yesterday that the Mets signed Chris Coste, with no promise of a major league job, but a promise of a 40 man roster spot.  Coste showed his appreciation for the Mets keeping his dream of playing major league baseball alive by crapping all over them and praising the team that released him last year, the team that happens to be the Mets’ top division rivals.  Classy.  I’d say welcome to New York, Chris, but the only place you’re likely to play in New York next year is Buffalo.  My only thoughts on the signing is that it leaves me feeling absolutely nothing.

Meanwhile, the Phillies signed Brian Schneider and the Rays traded for Kelly Shoppach.  I mention them only because Schneider is probably better than Coste, and would have been a fine backup catcher if the team did not believe that Omir Santos was capable of backing up whomever they intend to sign at some point, and having a logjam of catchers in Buffalo next year when Josh Thole should be playing every day makes little sense.  I hope it’s a sign that the Mets aren’t interested in signing Bengie Molina, but since I have no reason to trust this front office, I’m still pretty worried they’re going to sign him and his one baseball skill to a bad contract.  I’d rather have a collection of backups like Coste and Blanco playing every day than Bengie Molina, because at least then they won’t be overpaying for lousy production, but either way, I’m not expecting much out of catcher for the Mets in 2010.

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